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 Net Energy from Fatty Acid  

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Hey everyone,

I dont quite know how to work out the net energy yield in high energy phosphate bond from saturated fatty acids. Can someone help me out please? Let's say it's an 18 carbon saturated fatty acids...



each time one acetyl-CoA is taken of the chain one FADH2 and one NADH is formed. one acetyl-CoA in the Krebs cycle yields one GTP=1ATP, 3 NADH and 1 FADH2.
so for a 18C saturated fatty acid 9 acetyl-coA are formed but only 8 cuts are made in the chain
9 acetyl-CoA=9*(3NADH+1FADH2+1GTP)=9(3*3ATP+1*2ATP+1*1ATP)=108 ATP
total 108+40=148 ATP
if fatty acid is not saturated take of one FADH2 for each unsaturated link in the second calculation.
hope this is clear enough


Hey endrit,

Thank you SO much! Really appreciate it and I think i get it now smiling face

Good luck for your exam!


Hi there

Shoul we deduct 2 ATP from reaction with Carnitine to activate FA from the total ?


I didnt understand the second part of the calculation???

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