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1. Metal sample
Fineness is the percentage of gold in a piece.
585/583 hallmark: 58.5/58.3% gold content. Or 585/583 grams per 1 kg.
750 test: 75% gold in the product, or 750 grams per 1 kg.
958 test: 95.8% gold in the product, or 958 grams per 1 kg.
999 hallmark: 99.9% gold, or 999 grams per 1 kg.
The purer the gold in the jewelry, the higher its price. But less such a metal is suitable for making jewelry.
Pure gold is soft and brittle. Products made from it are prone to scratches, easily deformed, and abraded. The fastenings of the stones loosen quickly, and the stones are at risk of being lost.
Ideal for jewelry is gold 750 and 958. For greater strength and depth of radiance, gold items are additionally coated with rhodium.
2. Gold color
White, red, black, and even green gold is not a whim of a designer. The color of gold is given by a ligature - an admixture of other metals in different proportions. Ligature makes gold stronger, more resistant to damage. In addition, the metal becomes more ductile, which opens up the scope for jewelers to be creative.
White gold is obtained by adding palladium, platinum, and, less commonly, nickel.
Red gold is an alloy of zinc and copper.
Black gold is a mixture of gold, cobalt, and chromium oxidized at high temperatures.
Green gold is the most complex alloy. It contains silver, copper, potassium, zinc, and nickel.
Please contact our managers for advice on any questions about jewelry. We will be happy to help you choose!


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