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 FNF Vs Indie Cross  

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Boyfriend raps against legendary Indie characters like Cuphead from Cuphead, Sans from Undertale, and Ink Demon from Bendy in this version of Friday Night Funkin.

Friday Night Funkin vs Indie Cross Mod Free Online

FNF Vs Indie Cross is a mod that brings characters from independent games into the game. The main three characters in the game are Cuphead, Undertale, and Bendy and the Ink Machine. Untitled Goose Game is also featured in a bonus track. On November 2nd, 2021, GameJolt launched the streaming build.

On April 8th, 2022, the mod was 'completely' released. Things, on the other hand, are subject to change.

Boyfriend enters a mysterious black hole filled with blazing red gateways. He examines one and is taken into Cuphead's world, where he meets Boyfriend and challenges him to a rap battle, believing him to be the one who is invading his planet. Cuphead becomes increasingly enraged at his defeats as he fights with Boyfriend. He eventually fires an EX shot at Boyfriend, but instead accidentally kills his sibling Mugman. Cuphead, blinded by wrath, defeats Boyfriend and is about to kill him when a vortex transports Boyfriend away.

Friday Night Funkin', a spectacular and epic crossover mod with a demo week with three songs, has brought together iconic characters from indie games in FNF Indie Cross. Boyfriend's first opponent will be Cuphead, the protagonist of Studio MDHR's platform game. In a throwback environment appropriate to the game, he will challenge you to a rap duel on the tune Snake Eyes. Cuphead's Floral Fury level can be seen in the backdrop. Boyfriend will battle Sans (the protagonist of Toby Fox's independent game Undertale) in his second duel on the song Sansational. After a rhythmic but traditional initial section, the scene will transition to the original game's retro black and white look, and a new mechanic will force you to focus even more. False bone notes will indeed appear on the screen; do not press them! The renowned Bendy, hero of multiple Joey Drew Studios products and also world famous for the game and song of the same name Bendy And The Ink Machine, will be Boyfriend's third and last opponent! On the song Last Reel, you'll have to compete against Beast Bendy (Bendy after his transformation). This week's ultimate difficulty will be the frantic beats; stay concentrated since Bendy will undoubtedly try to divert your attention!

You can play FNF Vs Indie Cross Mod unblocked free online. No download is required.

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