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 GFR vs Reabsorption rate  

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Under normal conditions where GFR is 125ml/min and the reabsorption rate is 124ml/min, which of the following is true?

A) Net filtration pressure is greater than Net reabsorptive force
B) Net reabsorptive force is greater than Net filtration pressure
C) the filtration coefficient Kf is equal in GFR and reabsorption rate
D) Kf in GFR is greater than the Kf in absorption rate.


A) Net filtration "force" is greater than Net reabsorptive force


try again


My semi-educated guess is c.


Thank you both for your reply.
The answer is actually D. because both filtration pressure and reabsoptive force under normal conditions have a value of 10 mm Hg.

now considering the following equations:

GFR = Kf X filtration pressure
Reabsorption = Kf X Reabsorptive force

if filtration pressure and reabsorptive force are equal i.e.(10 mm Hg), then the difference must be in Kf.

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