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 Oligoclonal bands!!!  

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Hey there, Well I am reall confused between Waldenstrom and MM. Do they both have oligoclonal bands and how is the clinical picture different in each?
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Some characteristics to help you distinguish between the two:
MM = Is a malignat PLASMA cell tumor. Has a oligocolonal band, called M protein, which is either IgG or IgA of either kappa or lamda light chains, which show up in the urine as bence jones. You see lytic bone lesions because of osteoclast activating factor (IL1) secreted by these malilgnant plasma cells. It can results in renal insufficiency with azotemia and amyloidosis of AL type.

Now Waldenstromes is actually a lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, so its a B cell neoplasm which haven't yet differentiated into plasma cells yet, and these cells are called plasmacytoid lymphocytes. In this case, there is a monoclonal band of IgM protein, so it can results in whats called Hyperviscosity syndrome, because IgM is a pentamer, so a big Immunoglobulin, so when it accumulates in blood, it can cause the blood to become very viscous. You do see bence jones proteins here but NO BONE LESIONS, because these tumor cells do not produce a osteoclast activating factor.

Hope I was able to help you..


Thanks alot MLF
That expalins all of my quetions.Thank you!


Glad to help!!!

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