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 Advice on Step-2 materials  

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Hey all,
I took my step-1 last week and have to start my step-2 preparation.I have kaplan lecture notes for all subjects and kaplan Q-book. Pls tell, what r the other materials i need for my preparation.
Thanks in advance.



I think all what you have for notes is enough.
If you want references for IM use CMDT
You can also use Blueprint as an alternative to Kaplan .

Hope this helps smiling face


Thanks for ur reply.Pls tell me,where can i get CMDT?
I'm starting with kaplan notes-surgery.



hi VA,
u can purchase CMDT at any Barnes & Nobles store or on line.
my test is next mo. but i did not use cmdt. i am using Kaplan lectures, CD, Blueprints, used Kaplan Q bank & working on UW questions.


Hi Tuesday,
All the best for ur xam and will pray for success.
B confident and stay cool.



Thanks VA,
I need ur prayers this time. Thanks for ur thoughtfulnes. Good luck in ur review too. Start studying whenever you can & as early as u can.


i'm new at this forum...but have a question. i don't know what is CMDT and UW.. can somebody please explain. what about first aid? is it helpful. thanks for your help


Hey howto,
CMDT-Curret Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Q
I have no idea about FA? I'm just started with surgery kaplan notes.When r u taking ur xam?
All the best.


i have just passed step 1 and started my step 2 preparation with kaplan surgery notes. plan to study only kaplan notes with CMDT for reference.
when are you planing to take step 2? maybe we could study together. interested?


Hi sue,
Nice to see ur mail. I'm planning to take CK on March. what about u? I'm also going to read Kaplan notes And CMDT for reference.Where did u get CMDT?


hey VA. havent bought CMDT yet. will buy it online. i do have an old edition. i will take the exam in late feb or early march. which subject are you starting out with?


hey sue,
I'm starting with surgery.I'm also planning to take xam in late feb or early march.


great. i have started with surgery too. i think its the easiest of all the subjects


hi i took the exam in august and i found the usmle world very helpful... grin


hi m new to the forum.. want to know if anybody can help me regarding step 2 dvds??? how 2 get ?? how much do they cost??


hi m new to the forum.. want to know if anybody can help me regarding step 2 dvds??? how 2 get ?? how much do they cost??
i m done with my step 1 .my id is [email protected]


anybody can recommend an EKG book to read?

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