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 Week and thesis is ready!  

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  • Start the first day with a literature search, drawing up a plan, taking into account the teacher's comments to its draft version. Consider all his notes! Do not include in the plan those points for which you did not find the information to write in the first few hours of searching for the material. Most likely, there is little of it in the public domain and there is a high risk that the list of chapters has already been approved, changes cannot be made, and writing is impossible. Save any material that you find useful. It is worth paying attention to dissertations, abstracts, scientific articles, from where it is convenient to get ideas for justifying the relevance in the introduction. Write and complete the introduction based on the requirements of the guidelines. You may find additional information about requirments at blog.
  • Start the second day by writing the first section. The theoretical part is written faster and easier than the others. The diploma project contains about 25-30 pages of theory. It is easy to write more than necessary, but you shouldn't. Thesis is checked by a plagiarism detection system. You may check your work for plagiarism at checker.To pass the test, it must have a certain percentage of uniqueness, which in the theoretical section is usually very low, since there are many citations of scientists and pieces of text from scientific papers. The larger the section, the more time you will spend on making the text unique. Write the conclusions for the chapter.
  • On the third day, begin your analytic chapter. To make the diploma written faster, you can use your coursework, control papers on the same subject as a base, if any. Gather basic information about the subject of your study, and compose it to form the backbone of the chapter. Start doing the necessary calculations.
  • Continue writing the analytical section. At the end, double-check the correctness of the calculations, draw conclusions for the section. We recommend using more tables, diagrams and graphs, this increases the uniqueness of the presentation of information and simplifies the creation of a presentation for protection, because you can copy most of the material for the slides.
  • Begin the third chapter with recommendations and an outline of the problems identified during the research. It is necessary to write ways to solve them, justify wishes for improvement. Scientific articles and dissertations describing improvement methods will provide excellent assistance.
  • 6) It is necessary to write a justification for the proposed recommendations, if necessary, confirming them with calculations. Write the summary for the chapter. Combine all the chapter-by-chapter conclusions into one single conclusion.
  • The week is almost over, and the thesis is not completed. Order thesis at and have a day-off. Dedicate the last day to design, compiling a bibliography, proofreading, correcting, raising the level of uniqueness.

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Exactly! It is easy to write more than necessary, but I shouldn't.

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The larger the section, the more time you will spend on making the text unique.
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