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 easy residencies to consider  

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I was thinking last night (Rare event since I am studying for step II now), but everyone talks about IM and no one talks about other easy residencies to get. So I will mention them, just in case people don't know about them. Most of these are made up mostly of IMGs at all but the very best schools, and they are more likely to consider people with visa issues (if the school itself allows).

Family Practice (this one has many US grads, but also many IMGs)

Pediatrics (easier than IM)

Psychiatry (you would think not knowing US culture would hurt you, but not true. I knew a guy from Yemen who could barely speak English and got a residency in this at a school which for IM doens't even take applications from IMGs)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (many many IMGs even at the best schoools)

Pathology (makes lots of money if you don't mind sitting in front of a scope all day long)

Nuclear medicine

Neurology (but have to get med prelim first)

Hope these help ..... Remember, any US training is great. You can start one of these and try to switch after 1 year! I know IMGs who have gotten Dermatology, Ophthal, Ortho that way.


Good idea for switching.I agree even 1 yr preliminary is better than doing nothing .Good chances in future to get into subject of choice.

yeh i heard that its easier to get into peds and psychiatry.


Thanks!I am IMG and I would like to get Physical medicine .Also I'm interested in Dermatology and Ophtalmology.Do you know which hospital is IMG friendly fot that field?I don't have Us medical experience and most Physical Medicine programs require 1year GME.They conduct interview for 2006.Do they give me that 1 year before PGY 2 in residency if they want me ?


Hi retroviridae,
thanks for your advice, but I guess it also depends on where you live. I cannot apply outside from Philly and almost all the programs (especially Family Practice) require one year formal training in the US! And you have to be certified. I think it is because there are so many medical schools around. It might be easier to apply in a less "academic area"....


what i know is that its not easy to get a prelim. spot.

ally u cant do all of them smiling face . first make a decision.


I know guys.. its so hard to make up your mind as an IMG. I am wondering what should I do or what are my choices...

Is it true that to get into neurology or radiology you need 1yr prelim. but YOU HAVE TO APPLY THIS YEAR FOR 2006?! Its weird; what if you do prelim and apply for radiology next year.. then they only consider you for 2007 match? What will you for 2006??!

And if I apply now (in 2005 for 2006).. cuz I am IMG and without USCE they wont even consider my application for a radio post!

I don't know where will all this take me.. it is so partial :'(


Fried water,the same question bother me also.If I want to go for eg. Physical Medicine or Ophtalmology I should go now for interview for 2006 and I don't have uscle yet.I hope that I will have it next year but than i can apply for 2007????Stupid!


yea Ally! I feel stupid too.. even after putting in so much and so many years.. sometimes it feels it's a continuous struggle which aint ending soon.

Exactly Ally.. you are right and if we go on applying for these competetive feilds I bet they wont consider our application atall (atleast not mine cuz I lack usce and no research in hand!). Everyday it makes me cry :'( .. but guess what I aint giving up! I know it will take time but I want what I want.. I am not going for internal med (hopefully!.. every once a while my confidence staggers... it's easier said than done).

stay blessed everyone smiling face


Fried water,whats your credentials?Where you wanna go for residency program,which city?


my credentials are 99 and 99 in both steps but thats all i hold which is considered american.. nuttin else.

I dont know now days I have some personal problems too... maybe thats the reason I can't think anything positive will happen in my life. It's bad.. believe me when someone you love ignores you altogether nutting hurts that bad.

I am sorry, I know it doesnt count anything towards getting residency but .. [email protected][email protected][email protected]!!!

Nevermind. I will take anything I get.. beggers aint chosers afterall wink

Take care


With that scores you'll get a residency without usme.You can go for Neurology or Radiology on 2005 match.Try it!!!I would do that if I were you.
Don't let that your personal problem be the cause of your failure!


yeah with those scores, you should get something even without USCE. I know many of my Indian classmates who have done that. They don't end up at the best schools, but they get good residencies. You do have to be flexible in where you want to live though. Me, I will go anywhere in the US, although I would prefer not to go to NYC or Chicago (but I will if need be).


Thank you guys. Thanks a bunch!

I am actually not looking for any specific locations will move anywhere I get it.. I was just considering to apply for 'transitional year' to gain some experience so that next year I could apply for better places.. but I guess it is damn hard to get into transitional year.

Well.. hoping for the best for everyone.

I wish this world could be a simpler place to live and everyone could be as happy as they can ever be... wish you luck everyone.

smiling face

Hope your dreams come true!


Well Psychiatry is a HOT PICK this year as told by 2 coordinators to me.


Compared to IM, Derm in general is by no means IMG friendly. It is very competitive, and there are plenty of US grads who don't match in this field.

That said, Mayo Clinic Derm is quite IMG friendly compared to other derm programs. They've trained graduates from India (he already had 3 years of IM residency training), Germany (2 over the past 3 years), Spain (practicing dermatologist), and Malta (practicing dermatologist x 5yrs in Malta already).


You can always do med or pedi and then apply to derm or any other competitive program.


Doing a residency before going for a competitive specialty used to be a good thing. Now there are Medicare funding issues for programs that accept someone with more training than required for the standard track. There are derm programs that will not consider anyone with more than PGY-1 for that reason. Look into it before counting on that to get you into a competitive specialty.


Hi all,
I am interested very much in Diagnostic radiology but since i am an img with scores 89 and 87 people discouraged me to apply for Radiology and i have applied for IM instead. With one year categorical IM can i try for Radiology or i need to do Transitional only.Becos i also have visa issues. Please advise

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