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 What does aluminum stage barrier  

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What does aluminum stage barrier rely on to maintain stability?

Aluminum stage barrier rely on what to maintain stability, can be relied on? Such a simple question, perhaps aluminum stage barrier manufacturers do not care to answer: of course by aluminum stage barrier to maintain stability! But the reality is: the site is not necessarily flat, whether the iron horse legs can maintain stability; soil aluminum stage barrier and how to do?

Thinking about the problem to be realistic, "aluminum stage barrier by what to maintain stability", seemingly simple, but involves aluminum stage barrier in different sites using the problem, inevitably in the answer will have omissions, so that people are not satisfied! Shizhan Group will help you with a detailed answer to the question of what makes an aluminum stage barrier stable.

Conventional situation

Usually, aluminum stage barrier is widely placed in shopping malls, squares, roads and other areas, the common point of this kind of area is the site is flat, undulation degree is not big. In this case, the aluminum stage barrier can use the conventional iron horse legs. If there is a long-term placement needs, you can choose a fixed flange feet, playing expansion screws for reinforcement.

Unconventional situation

Unconventional situation, that is, the site is not flat, undulation, such as off-road racing, site mud. In this case, in order to protect the stability of aluminum stage barrier, you can choose fixed flange feet, or extend the aluminum stage barrier director, do not use aluminum stage barrier feet! But considering the cost problem, so many cases, the iron horse guardrail is still the conventional practice, only use the iron horse legs.

Aluminum stage barrier leg problem

"What does aluminum stage barrier rely on to maintain stability", this problem is actually aluminum stage barrier leg style problem. Now aluminum stage barrier manufacturers generally support on-demand customization, and one of the important customization is also reflected in the style of the iron horse legs.

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