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 TripAdvisor has been censoring my  

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I've been a long time TripAdvisor user. Few days ago I wanted to review my reviews (I left like 40 over the past year, some good few negative). To my surprise all of my reviews (without exception) were gone!! I contacted TripAdvisor to find out why.

They told me that ALL my reviews were flagged by their automatic system and therefore deleted soon after being posted. Just to clarify, I did not write anything rude, always spellchecked and even if I criticized a place (for example long waiting time etc) I was always polite. They also sent me this link (how rude!)

I wish I knew that earlier, I spent almost a year writing reviews of almost every place I visit hoping it will help other travelers in their choice.

My advice is this: If you're looking for a place where you can leave or read non bias reviews that are not being removed per restaurant request or due to their broken auto removal system, avoid TripAdvisor.

Now question to the community, do you know of any other TripAdvisor like place where I can leave reviews without fear that one day some idiot will remove a year of my work and dozens of reviews in one go?


Hey! I think that if you are faced with such a problem, then you can solve it simply by buying reviews on the site
Thus, you will receive new reviews on your Tripadvisor page and the restrictions will not affect you in any way.

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