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 Diuretics - match  

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Which diuretics would be the appropriate in following situations:

1. 80 y.o. Pt with CHF and creatinine clearance of 20 mL/min
2. HTN+Diabetes
3. Pt w/HTN + Hx of Ca oxalate renal stones
4. ASA overdose
5. HTN+Visual changes

A. Acetazolamide
C. Triamterene
D. Furosemide


the dude with CHF .... lasix and the Ksparing

renal stones ... hydrochlorthiazide

HT and DM .. l ..i thought ace inhibitors are drus of choice .

what abt asa overdose .. i thought acetazolamide induces a metabolic acidosis ?


HTN + DM if you have to pick a diuretic, go for a k-sparing, others can increase demand for insulin. I am not saying it's a drug of choice smiling face

ASA overdose - you want to get rid of acid drug- need to alkalinize urine - therefore the choice of diuretic would be acetazolamide in this case.


yeah .. how stupid of me ..

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