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 Should I start trading?  

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Somebody told me that traders make good money on forex, so I want to try it, but I think it's too hard.


I managed to buy bitcoin before the price went up, at 11k$, I thought I would keep it for a very long time, but then I realized that I would not keep it for a long time and I needed to find a good site with a cryptocurrency exchange without scammers. I decided that I needed to find such a service. I decided to go to the Godex website, they have been working for many years and I completely trust them. They work efficiently and for a long time


Hi. I think you should try. You can always take a look at the best exchanger of 2021 where you can exchange usdt to eth or other pairs of cryptocurrencies. Here you will find all the information on this topic. Hope you enjoy it too. Good luck with your first trades.


Hi guys. I decided to get into cryptocurrency and don't know where to start. Any tips?


Investing in cryptocurrency or not is your decision, which you must definitely make yourself. I think if you are currently in doubt about investing in cryptocurrency, then perhaps you need to know a little more about it. I can share with you a link where you can
buy tron with credit card, which I think will interest you. It seems to me, reading such expert opinions, you can better understand whether it is worth risking your money or not.


Do you know a lot about Bitcoin? Do you know a lot about how to make money on the exchange using bitcoin? I know little about this and would like to understand more, do you know the site where this can be done?


You're right. Forex traders can make enormous sums in this business. I think experience and choosing the right tools are very important in this matter. I can offer you something like cryptocurrency because it is a prevalent market right now. You can find many advantages in this virtual currency. If you decide to get interested in this business, then I can advise you on such a resource as It is an excellent help with transactions without any problems.


I've been saving my money for several years to invest in cryptocurrency. But now bitcoin is no longer a coin to invest in. What is the most worthwhile coin right now?


Cryptocurrency is developing very quickly and decisively. Not long ago no one knew anything about it, but now everyone has heard the word bitcoin. And one in two has become rich on it. I recently found a project, Bitcoin Up site. It is a new site where you can invest your money for artificial intelligence to make bets on the exchange. You can find out more on the site.


Forex trading is not as hard as you might think and you should give it a try.

Start slow, ideally practice trading for free first and only when you feel comfortable then start trading forex with real money but mini or macro lots. It's a slow process but you can surely learn it.

Forex trading requires patience and practice.


Thank heaven that I found an amazing exchange not so long ago! The bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange became my miraculous salvation at a time when I was completely desperate and did not expect to improve my financial condition. We lost the house when we inherited my father's debts. It was a real blow for us, because this house was bought with a mortgage, which we are still paying.


Of course, why not, I think you should definitely start it because it works great. It seems to me that you should look at the site and then read more about it, understand how it works, I wish you good luck!

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