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 How to write good?  

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What to write about if you've never written before, how to overcome the writing block, what is the secret of good writing.
THE CONCEPT OF "WRITING WELL" IS EXTREMELY RELATIVE. Good - for whom? Some readers will think that it is written well, others will turn up their noses. However, if you are not particularly wise, then it is good to write - this is to write clearly, understandably, figuratively, structurally and to the point. Therefore, first of all, the writer must have something to say. He must have a thought. In the process of writing, it can branch out and become more complex, but the original clot must exist before the text.
For the sake of training, you can write about everything: an overheard conversation in the subway, an unexpected snowfall in April, a memory from childhood that came to mind. The main thing is to find the "potential difference", some kind of tension between the two poles, the beginning and the end of the sketch, consciously arrange in your story some kind of opposition of elements. So that the reader gets caught on this hook and does not get off him.
IT IS NECESSARY TO READ A LOT, I WOULD EVEN SAID - READ EVERYTHING, that is, do not make up lists of authors, media or books, but really read everything, including any informational rubbish. You need to have an idea of what and how it has already been written, how they write now, how they do not write. In any business, the most important thing is the coordinate system in which you exist. For a writer, such a system should be all the texts that are available to him.
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