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 Dating and interracial marriages.  

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How different are we?
Humanity appeared in Africa and 100-200 thousand years ago began to spread around the world. Over time, certain groups of people developed features that allowed them to adapt better to the environment: narrow or wide eyes, dark or light skin color, and so on. These are the races.

The separation of the races from each other occurred 80-40 thousand years ago. At the same time, the Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid races have been developing separately from each other for thousands of years, within their territorial limits. Because of this, each race has unique genes that other people do not have.

Merciless genetics
We know that marriage between close relatives often leads to genetic diseases. A child in such a family with an increased chance inherits a "broken" gene, because both parents are its carriers. In an ordinary marriage, there is a 99% probability that only 1 parent carries a broken gene. The child will inherit a healthy gene and will not get sick.

If both parents are carriers of a harmful gene, then only in a quarter of cases the child will be healthy
If we talk about the union between representatives of different races, then everything is not so clear. On the one hand, such a marriage can lead to sad consequences. Mestizo children from mixed marriages are more susceptible to certain diseases.

For example, a dark skin color and a high content of melanin allows Africans to live under the scorching Sun. However, a European in the same environment receives more ultraviolet light and with prolonged solar radiation can get skin cancer. Accordingly, a child from such a couple also has a higher chance of getting cancer.

Does this mean that children from mixed marriages are "not viable"? Not at all! On the contrary, they are less likely to inherit genetic diseases. The increase in genetic diversity benefits both the individual and the entire humanity.

To prevent incest and extinction, many small peoples and primitive tribes offered their wives to distant guests. So they increased the genetic diversity.

Today, humanity does not need this: we are constantly moving around the planet and we are not in danger of mass extinction. Therefore, you need to get married with the person you want to (with the exception of close relatives)


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