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 Are BMW cars reliable now?  

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Hello everyone, I have long dreamed of a BMW car. Who has a good experience in cars, tell me how reliable is this car brand at the present time?


Hi, it seems to me that earlier BMW cars were more reliable than those models that have been produced recently, but this brand is still very much in demand on the market. The main disadvantage of BMWs is that they are very expensive to maintain, but if this is your dream, then you can pick up a used BMW car in good condition at Here you will find all models and different years of production.


I have repeatedly faced the fact that you need to be ready for any troubles on the road. And your own car is obviously a cool thing and very convenient.


Anything often happens to the car on the way, and not only on the way, too. I have already got used to this and now I have been turning to an experienced car locksmith for a long time. These guys helped me fix a lot of different breakdowns in the car and generally helped me out more than once. I think that they are the ones who need to call if you forgot your keys in the car or something similar happened to you.

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