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 how to play game solitaire  

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The world of solitaire is a traditional patience card game that is entertaining for the whole family and anybody who enjoys playing cards.
Solitaire rules and how to play:
After a 52-card deck has been shuffled, for the most part, begin setting up the tableau by spreading the cards face down into seven columns, with each new card going into the next column.

From left to right, the tableau grows in size, with one card in the left-most pile and seven in the right-most. As an example, the first seven cards will generate Tableau's first seven columns. Because the first column already includes one card, the eighth card distributed will literally be placed in the particular second column, actually contrary to popular belief.

Following the completion of the piles, they should be cascaded downwards to form a "reverse staircase\" to the right. You\'ll end up with seven piles, the first of which contains one card, the second of which contains two cards, the third of which contains three cards, and so on in a major way. Only the pretty last card in each Tableau column is turned over face up to definitely reveal its suit, color, and value. This for all intents and purposes is done for you automatically in our game!

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