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 Aluminum die casting heat sink  

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The heat sink of aluminum alloy die casting shell is not hot, and the radiator is not hot, which may be one of the following reasons:

(1) In the parallel system, the problem may occur if the radiator is replaced privately. The resistance is large, the hot water flow is small, and the heat dissipation is reduced;

(2) If the water temperature of the heat medium is low, the heat dissipation is small. The standard heat dissipation of our radiator is measured at the inlet temperature of 95 ℃, outlet temperature of 70 ℃ and room temperature of 18 ℃. If the inlet temperature is 70 ℃, outlet temperature of 55 ℃ and room temperature of 18 ℃, the heat dissipation is about 40% lower;

(3) Low water pressure, low water pressure, insufficient hot water and low heat dissipation at the far end or high place of the parallel system;

(4) Different ways of water inlet and outlet connection also reduce the heat dissipation, especially the upper inlet and lower outlet, and the radiator is about 20% lower than the lower inlet and lower outlet;

(5) The air-conditioning valve can be opened to exhaust the air in the radiator before closing;

(6) Local blockage in radiator;

(7) The design or installation of the radiator is less, the total heat dissipation is not enough;

(8) With heating hood, the heat dissipation is usually reduced by about 20%;

(9) The doors and windows are ventilated.

At present, the commonly used materials of heat sink are copper and aluminum alloy, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The heat conductivity of copper is good, but the price is expensive. The radiator is difficult to process, heavy (many pure copper radiators exceed the weight limit of CPU), small heat capacity and easy to oxidize. Pure aluminum is too soft to be used directly. Only the aluminum alloy used can provide enough hardness. Aluminum alloy die casting has the advantages of low price and light weight, but its thermal conductivity is much worse than copper. Some radiators have their own advantages, and a copper plate is embedded in the base of the aluminum radiator. Radiator is a general term for a series of devices used to conduct and release heat. At present, the radiator mainly includes heating radiator and computer radiator. The radiator can be divided into several kinds according to the material and working mode, and the computer radiator can be divided into several kinds according to the use and installation method.

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