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 Aluminium Die Casting Advantages  

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As a medium-sized company with in-house production facilities for aluminum die casting, we are faced with the problem of customers every day, that is, how much they should trust the aluminum die casting process to meet their own production needs. We are happy to answer this question in a personal conversation. But we want to show you again the decisive reason, when and why it makes sense to use aluminum die castings for production.

We can say one thing in advance: it's worth using the aluminum die casting process. You can benefit from many advantages. Because: Die Casting working process and advantage provides you with the highest precision and economy of the largest design options.

What are the advantages of aluminum die casting?

It is suitable for producing thin-walled and complex parts

Components made of die cast aluminum have very thin walls, even with a high degree of complexity. Results: precision parts with complex shape and function have the lowest tolerance and bearing adjustment.

High dimensional accuracy and process stability

Thanks to our aluminum die casting process, we can produce high quality castings with the highest precision. High process stability also ensures that all components have the same size and characteristics.

Light weight, high stability

The casting made of die cast aluminum is light and stable. This is particularly beneficial for applications that require lightweight components but still have a high level of resistance.

Workpiece with smooth surface and edge

Through our aluminum die casting process, we can produce workpieces with smooth surface and edge. This is particularly advantageous if the component is to be visually attractive in the application. There is no problem using CNC for subsequent processing.

Excellent machinability and further processing options

Parts made of die cast aluminum have excellent machining options. Manufactured parts can be electroplated on various surfaces. This can be adapted to your specific application as much as possible. The surface treatment allows the casting to upgrade with attractive aesthetics and functionality.

Further processing options are barrel finishing / vibration grinding, sandblasting, brushing, polishing, chromating, powder coating, wet coating, anodizing, nickel plating, copper plating, screen printing, etc.

Good thermal conductivity

Components made of die cast aluminum have excellent thermal conductivity. This has a decisive advantage in many applications using die cast aluminum workpieces.

Optimum conductivity

Die casting aluminum parts have excellent conductivity. So, among other things, they are often used in portable electronic devices.

Corrosion and weather resistance

Components made of die cast aluminum are particularly resistant to corrosion and weather. Due to the excellent shielding properties of the components made of die cast aluminum, they are also suitable for connectors and housings that produce high operating temperatures.

High profitability

Another advantage is that workpieces made of die cast aluminum can be manufactured extremely economically. In the whole process, aluminum die casting is an extremely economical process, even the medium-sized series with low unit price is impressive. In addition, the downtime can be reduced through the requirement based tool manufacturing process.

Reduce tool costs

Through the demand for optimization tools, the original high cost of tools can be significantly reduced. We develop the right tools for your production needs.

Die casting aluminum - the right solution for a variety of applications

Die casting aluminum is impressive for its many advantages in many (key) applications. After we have listed many advantages, we would like to show you the possible application of aluminum die casting parts.

  • Casting made of die cast aluminum is an ideal solution to reduce the weight of automobile manufacturing. With these, fuel consumption can be significantly reduced.
  • Die casting aluminum parts are also widely used in the telecommunications and computing industries. In this case, the RF filter and enclosure benefit from excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Components made of die cast aluminum are also often used as enclosures for portable devices. There, they provide EMI / RFI shielding, strength and durability - all of which are provided with minimal weight.
  • Parts made of die cast aluminum are also often used for connectors and housings. These benefits from excellent shielding performance, even at high operating temperatures can ensure reliable use. Here, you can get inspiration from other applications of die casting aluminum parts.

Aluminum die casting: an economic die casting process with many advantages

Excellent mechanical properties, highly economical production and excellent deep processing options are the characteristics of aluminum die castings. So it's no surprise that aluminum parts can now be reliably used in almost all industries. The further development of aluminum alloy and actual aluminum die casting process means that more and more application fields can be opened up in the future. We hope we can convince you of the many advantages of die casting aluminum and aluminum as raw materials.

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Nice quality article! Another learning upshot! Thanks for sharing!

Ryan | Stump Removal

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