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 What’s In The NBA 2K22 Demo?  

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If you're curious about what separates NBA 2K22 gameplay from previous versions or if you're about to reserve the title, the first step is to download the NBA 2K22 demo. Now available on PS4/5, Xbox One/Series, Switch, and PC, the demo is more of a standard Test of Play Now than the MyCareer Prelude variety we've seen in recent years. Regardless, there's a great tune to watch while we wait for the game to be released.

There are three aspects of the game that players can try out in this 30GB demo. The first is a four-team fast-play offering that includes the modern Bucks and Clippers, as well as the all-time Lakers and Celtics. This trailer includes five minutes per quarter, but you can only play five games in total until the mode locks you down.

While you can't start NBA 2K21 Next-Gen MyCareer, you can build your MyPlayer with the ability to adjust your position composition, apply badges to your abilities, and choose the acquisition you want. Surprisingly, the demo will allow you to create multiple versions that can be transferred to the full game. Once you've created your character, you can try it out in the Bucks vs. Clippers match.

As usual every year, beginners can also try the 2KU demo, a tutorial that emphasizes the new dribbling and shooting animations. It also includes a freestyle option, which allows you to move and shoot without instructions.

The demo will come at a good time, and the full game will be released on current-generation consoles and on PC on September 3rd. It should be noted that there are several editions coming out this day, including one that features a (sort of) new generation for free. NBA version 2K22.


Oh, I have five more days to finally play it. I'm not the biggest fan of the NBA, but I'm waiting for this game to come out.


Oh, I like basketball, but only in real life. Speaking of video games, I prefer something more entertaining like Dota or CSGO. Also, I've recently started playing Team Fortress 2, and it's a pretty cool game too. Especially I like the fact that I can sell tf2 items, so it's not only entertaining but profitable.

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