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 Preventing cold and flu  

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Flu and cold is something that takes up a significant part of the year, this is why precautionary measures must be taken. Below mentioned are steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of catching a cold.

Eat healhy: Following healthy eathing habits is one of the most important factors to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Wash your hands: Germs easily spread through contaminated hands, therefore washing your hands with Dettol bar soap can help kill germs and keep you and your family safe.

Keep the surfaces clean: Germs need to be disinfected throughout the home and some surfaces are common hotspots for them are tables and countertops.

Get proper rest: If you have somehow contracted the flu make sure to get plenty of rest as this helps speed up the recovery process.

Drink lots of fluids: Make sure to drink plenty of water, tea and other fluids. This helps loosen up the mucus

The above mentioned steps can be really helpful if want to reduce the chance of flu and cold.

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