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 Quality features of SPC floor  

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Rigid vinyl is conquering the market more and more. There are not only differences in design, but also in quality. In order to be able to make the right decision, it makes sense to know the quality features. In the following we briefly introduce you to the two essential characteristics of SPC Vinyl.

1. The thickness of the carrier plate

The lower-priced SPC vinyl usually conceals a thinner carrier plate. The thinner the carrier plate, the more fragile it becomes. At the same time, the plate thickness has an effect on the stability of the click connection - if it is rather thin, the connections can break faster under load. A rigid board with a thickness of approx. 4 mm and higher is noticeably more stable than one with approx. 3.2 mm.

2. The number of layers

Only in a cross-section can you see how many layers a floor covering consists of and how thick they are. From the top view, different rigid vinyl floors can look almost identical, but differ considerably in terms of the structure of the layers. Is there a SPC vinyl z. B. from six layers (as in our cross-section graphic), this is in most cases of better quality than an SPC vinyl with only three layers.

Rigid vinyl: the advantages at a glance

The new rigid vinyl floor is a real all-round talent. No wonder, because it is dimensionally stable, robust and insensitive to moisture. The insensitivity to moisture ensures its suitability for many areas of application. We now summarize the advantages of rigid vinyl for you:

  • Less sensitive to solar radiation and temperature fluctuations, therefore can be used with floor-to-ceiling windows, by the fireplace or in winter gardens.
  • No acclimatization necessary, can be installed immediately without waiting (does not apply to all manufacturers).
  • More robust and dimensionally stable than classic elastic floor coverings, can be laid over areas of up to 400 m² in one piece.
  • Can partially be laid over expansion joints. With good care of the SPC floor, it can be used for a long time.
  • No telegraphic effect, minor unevenness in the substrate or, for example, tile joints are not visible in the rigid vinyl.
  • Tolerates minor bumps if the sub-surface is not 100% perfect.
  • Pressure-resistant, the risk of pressure points is greatly reduced.
  • Shockproof, falling objects do not leave any marks.
  • Lower installation height compared to HDF-based click vinyl.
  • Insensitive to moisture, therefore suitable for damp rooms such as the bathroom.
  • Can be used for almost all living areas, whether in the living room, bathroom or kitchen.
  • Combines the best properties of vinyl and laminate flooring types.


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