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 If pass step 1 can you get into a residency  

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Hey guy to get into a residency what I have to do?

Pass step1, then I can enroll in a program?

Or I have to complete step1 and step2 ( 2 parts)?

Please help.


From what i understand you can apply with only passing step 1, but before you actually start the program your expected to have completed atleast
step 2 cs and step2 ck


Hi rubensssss,

mjl1717 is right. Almost all US residency programs require interns to have passed Steps 1 and 2 before starting training. There are a few in less competitive fields such as family practice and internal medicine which allow a probationary 1 year period for interns to pass either step if they are missing one. However, this is very rare and is an exception. I myself went through the match last year and applied with a passing Step 2 score (at that time, it was right before it was changed to Step 2 CK and CS). I matched at a great program but was told that I would have to provide a passing Step 1 score before orientation. This whole thing turned into a mess with the program not realizing that I had failed Step 1 this January and them assuming I had passed. After they realized the mixup, it was already too late - all my friends and family had thrown me my match party and people knew where I was going for residency in July. I was so embarrassed and it certainly was an awkward position for me to be in. I made the difficult decision of giving my residency position to someone else and deciding to go through the match again this coming year. Meanwhile, it has been a difficult period for me in this battle to put this USMLE 1 to rest for good. I am so glad to have found this forum and Kaplan for support and guidance.
Although you can get into a residency, you will undergo lots of stress during your intern year adjusting to hospital life, studying for your next board exam, and worrying about passing before the year is up. I don't recommend it. It has happened to a few AMGs that I know and many of them ended up regretting their choice of not having passed all their prerequisite exams before internship. :?


Hi pinkangel!
Thanks for your experience and especially for being so honest!
I’m sure that those days weren’t so easy for you but believe me one year in your whole life (or career) doesn’t mean much.
When you find time can you answer me few qs?
1st is that rule of applying for residency with only one step passed only for US students or for IMG too?
2nd if you could apply with only step2, than the score from s1 isn’t so important as someone in one post mentioned?
And last one- if I apply this year with s1 what’s the period when I need to pass s2ck & s2cs?
Wish you all the best! :lol:



Thanks for your encouraging comments. I cannot answer your question for IMGs as I am an AMG but I do know that if there are spots available in residency programs, then the rule of supply and demand should apply in this case as well. As for your second question, yes. Your score on Step 2 is much more important than your Step 1 score. One interviewer told me that they didn't care what my Step 1 score was as long as it was a pass. I cannot reveal what specialty I applied for, but I can tell you that it is about as competitive as internal medicine or family practice. Since I graduated in 2003, I did not have to take Step 2 CS so I am sorry that I cannot answer that question. However, I can tell you that I have an IMG friend at Kaplan who is studying for Step 2 CK now and planning to take the exam at the end of October. He tells me that it will be too late for him to participate in the Match this year since he still has to take Step 2 CS but he plans to scramble in March next year for a PGY1 position. Hope this helps. grin


Thanks for you answers pinkangel!
Regards! grin


"pinkangel" wrote:
There are a few in less competitive fields such as family practice and internal medicine which allow a probationary 1 year period for interns to pass either step if they are missing one.

Most state licensing boards require Step 1 and Step 2 scores to be granted licenses before starting residency.

For an IMG, you must have step 1 and both Step 2's to get ECFMG certification which is required to start residency.


mY QUESTION was,because I have a friend that he alredy pass step 1 and step2 CK and he is studying English to take step 2 CS, but I heard that you could start a residency once you pass step1, but you all know is not always true. So for us, as IMG we have to pass the 3 steps?


When I do submit my grades(Step1,2CK,2CS) to the match, september 200X and I'll be starting in july 200x+1.Correct? What should be my deadline for step 1,2ck,2cs for starting residency in july 2007?


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