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 AOL email not working on iPhone  

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If you want to fix the "AOL email not working on iPhone" issue then follow the steps given below:-

- Turn your Airplane mode on & off
- Check Your servers
- Reset your network settings
- Remove and Re-add your AOL email
- Fetch data option needs to be ON

Check this Complete article-


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Method: On and Off Airplane Mode
You need to check that you have a working internet connection. Because if you are getting AOL email is down then the problem is at your end. AOL is internet services and sometimes slow internet or no internet connection can make trouble for you. So, check first you have a working internet connection.

Start airplane mode and off on your iPhone. You can open the control panel by swiping up on iPhone screen so you can start and off airplane mode. Turn on the airplane mode and after a couple of minutes turn off airplane mode.
Connect the wifi network and make sure you have strong Wifi available. Otherwise, turn on your internet connection.
Turn on your Data connection. So, you will start receiving and sending emails from AOL.

Method2: Not Receiving mails on iPhone? Update Network Settings
If you have tried all the steps given in method 1 and still having the same issue. Then you need to follow the steps mentioned in method 2. Try to reset network settings so you will fix AOL mail down not working on iPhone.

Open Settings
Go to General
Now, go will reset option
In the Reset option, you can find reset network settings.
This option will reset wifi network details.

I hope both these methods will be helpful!

Mark Wilson


Thank you so much man!!! I have this error on my iphone too. Now thanks to you, I managed to fix this problem. I searched for a long time a solution to this kind of error, and now with your help I can again use App Store and iTunes for good. But there is some bit of irony in it. Three hours after I saw your post, I found this website, where there are also some methods of repairing the account error. Anyway, thank you so much for your advice about the Aol account, and I hope you will help others too with similar difficulties.


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Reboot your computer or device. It's possible that your mails have become trapped, in which case a reboot can generally help refresh everything and get it running again. ... Next, double-check that all of your user's account details are right, since your phone's upgrade may modify some of your email account's settings. Anyway, aside that I want to help you in your problem, I’m also here because I want to share this game Elden Ring classes. So if you want arcade games to play, check the game now.


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A good method to fix this issue but i have done used this article to fix my AOL email was not working on iPhone ​issue. You can also use this guide to get additional information about aol email.


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This article is the most helpful that I have ever found, and I would like to get furthur information in your articles.안전놀이터


Thank you for providing such useful information. I've been having trouble coming up with many questions about this topic. I'll stick with you! quordle

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