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 Categorical and primary care???!!!  

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hey I was just wondering if anyone knows the difference between categorical and primary care internal med residency programs???



categorical would pay more attention to inpatient care and prepare you for futher fellowship subspecialty training

primary care would have more outpatient experience so you would start practicing IM after 3 years of training


i want to go for fellowship; so that was sure a help!
-Thank you yelenatx smiling face


But with primary care residency, can I still apply for fellowship afterwards? thanks!!


you can, but the chance is very slim


That's not true. I know people from primary care program getting into fellowships of thier choice without any problems, the question was that many of the residents there were not interested in subspecialties. That's why the ratio of graduates pursuing fellowships was not very impressivegrin


I was offered a prematch at one of the greatest primary care programs close to NY, they even offer you a paid housing. Please advise me folks, bcz I would like to do a fellowship in Intensive medicine.


I saw your post from other thread... Well, you should think how bad is the place offering you a specialty you want - it is only 3 years, and then whole your career in the field you like... Or the specialty you don't really want but in good hospital for 3 years, adn then...
So it is pretty much the choice you have to make...
I don't know about fellowships after primary care, sorry..


i agree, if you have prematch offers in anesthesiology and IM, then maybe what you really have to decide is what do u want to study? IM or anesthesio? think you´ll do that for the next 20 years at least.

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