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 Tips For Buying Ceramic Tiles  

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Many newbies who are decorating for the first time will definitely look at the dazzling array of tiles when they enter the ceramic tile website and just want to ask: What is the difference? What to choose? How to choose? So what are the advantages and disadvantages of different tiles? Now we must talk about the tips for buying ceramic tiles!

Tips For Buying Ceramic Tiles
1.300mm * 600mm tiles are used on the kitchen wall to clean the stains;
2.The water absorption rate of the tiles is greater than 10%, the life is short, and it is easy to replace after a few years; the porcelain tiles with the water absorption rate less than 0.5% are used for 20 years;
3.In the case of sufficient budget, it is better to choose polished glazed tiles on the floor of the living room. The oily pen can still be wiped clean after 5 minutes of painting, and there are more colors;
4.The bathroom wall is made of ceramic slabs, matching shower room, leaving less seams, easy to take care of.
5.Paint with an oil-based pen, and it can be wiped clean in 5 minutes. The stain resistance of the tiles is really good;
6.The glaze material is not enough to be touched alone. It is necessary to shine with a flashlight and aim at the aperture to prove that the thicker the glaze, the better the quality;
7.Antique bricks have high appearance, but the surface is pitted, which is easy to hide dirt;
8.Different tile glazes are suitable for different spaces. Choose soft light carved bricks for the living room, which is better for blingbling; choose soft light tiles for kitchen and bathroom balconies, which naturally reflect light without glare.

Let's Summarize Other Tips When Buying Tiles:
1.You can save on buying tiles. In the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other areas because of the existence of various cabinets, the tiles behind these cabinets can try to be paved with special-priced bricks; but they cannot be paved directly, because there is no tile partition, the cement wall will regain moisture greatly. Reduce the life of the cabinet, and it is not hygienic.

2.When buying ceramic tiles, you can manage the business to require matching parts
Jointing agent, small clips for tiling tiles, external corner strips, and even skirting lines, etc., can all be asked by the merchant for free; but the skirting line still depends on the quality, if the delivery is not good, try to spend money to buy it.

3.Consumption must be calculated in advance. The consumption is generally increased by 10% on the standard area to avoid color difference when repairing the bricks; and in many cases, during the delivery of the repairing bricks, the masonry’s wages still need to be paid as usual.

4.The contract must be carefully read, and the return conditions, order details, etc. must be clear. When signing the contract, you must state in advance whether you can go upstairs for free (otherwise you may have to move it yourself); if you agree, you can return and replenish the goods free of charge; write down the quantity and unit price, and the unit price is in "blocks". Not per square meter.

5.Soaked bricks cannot be returned. Tiles that have been soaked in water generally cannot be returned unconditionally, so you must ask the master before tiling, soak them as you use them.

6.The most critical: check it when receiving the goods. When receiving the goods, please confirm whether the tiles are damaged or not, and even if there is a slight bump, you must leave a written proof. Because when you retreat later, as long as there is a small amount of damage, the store will not return it!

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