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 Benefits of CNC machine probes  

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CNC machine tools are also called CNC machine tools and CNC lathes. Compared with ordinary machine tools, they have high machining accuracy, multi-coordinate linkage, and complex shape parts, but they have higher requirements for the quality of operators and higher technical requirements for maintenance personnel. Considering the cost issues such as personnel training and time, you might as well use CNC machine online probes. After assembling the machine tool probes, you can not only improve the accuracy, but also achieve the purpose of reducing costs, saving time and labor costs.

The advantages of using CNC machine tool online probe for CNC machining are:
Convenience-monitor the quality status at any time on site, change full-time inspection to self-inspection, improve work efficiency, large workpieces can be processed in place at one time, avoiding secondary clamping
Accuracy-the repeatability of 0.001mm, the process design programmer will change the traditional design and processing methods, which can improve the processing accuracy, reduce the loss and cost of mold repairing, and achieve a successful mold clamping at one time and reduce the waste of controllable factors. Upgrade from rough machining manufacturing to finishing manufacturing
Standardization-the measurement process is automatically completed by the system, and the UG plug-in can print out 3D inspection reports. The quality control standards are consistent, which is convenient for implementation and management
Labor saving-the workload of fitter is reduced, people with ordinary skills can do it, and labor costs are low
Long mold life-with online measurement technology, it can be processed in place at one time. The mold presents processing lines instead of manual grinding lines. The mold moves smoothly, with high precision and long service life.
The automatic measurement and automatic identification functions of the online probe of CNC machine tools reduce the cost of manual repetitive operations. Full automation improves production efficiency and precise positioning ensures the consistency of production quality. It is a machine tool that every CNC machine tool should be equipped with. Probe.

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