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 Benefits of QuickBooks hosting?  

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Switching to QuickBooks hosting is a matter of “when”, not “if” for a majority of businesses. QuickBooks has certainly made a number of tasks related to accounting and tax preparation in a small business easier. But the desktop version of the software does have its limitations.
What QuickBooks hosting does is to help you make the most of QuickBooks and its features for more efficient accounting and bookkeeping. Let’s look at the top 7 benefits of QuickBooks premier cloud hosting for your small business.
#1: It Promotes a Lean IT Infrastructure and Cuts Costs
​As a business owner, you are always on the lookout for opportunities to cut costs. QuickBooks in cloud allows you to do that. It streamlines your IT infrastructure as you won’t have to invest in expensive servers, memory or storage any more. Instead of paying for the installation and maintenance of the IT system, you can access all the software you need by paying a monthly rental to your host.
You don’t have to worry about paying for the software upgrades either – this is taken care of by your hosting provider, and comes under the all-inclusive price. You don’t have to hire a dedicated IT staff either. All IT troubleshooting tasks are handled by an experienced technical support team hired by the hosting provider.
#2: Anytime, Anywhere Remote Access
Your staff will have remote access to QuickBooks no matter where they are currently located, and regardless of the device or platform used. They can collaborate together on the same data and files and edit, modify or update the data, based on their level of authorization.
#3: Simplifies Accounting
QuickBooks on the Cloud has a simple interface, which is easy to use and understand. It simplifies a number of tasks related to accounting, hides the details and is easy to comprehend, even for those who lack the technical know how that is needed.
#4: Enforces Privacy
With QuickBooks hosting, the administrator can decide who gets access to what data. All members of a team have their own level of authorization and the systems are in place to make sure that nobody gets unauthorized access to any data. Also, each individual transaction on QuickBooks carries a virtual timeline, so it is easy to identify what a particular team member has been up to and how long he or she has been working on the data.
#5: Creates a Paperless Environment
What QuickBooks on Cloud does is to provide you with a centralized database to handle all of your documentation needs. It helps you get rid of the unnecessary paperwork and creates a paperless environment. This way, you would be doing your bit for the environment.
#6: Compatible with Other Applications
QuickBooks hosting is compatible with a number of other applications such as Microsoft Office and can be integrated with them seamlessly and effectively.
#7: Data Security
Your hosting provider would maintain your remote server in highly secure data centers in different parts of the world that have 24/7 security and power backup. There is no risk of data loss as the data is backed up on a daily basis and saved in multiple servers around the world.

To know more about QuickBooks remote access or QuickBooks for nonprofits visit Apps4Rent.


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QuickBooks Hosting service allows users to access QuickBooks accounting software anytime from anywhere as a local desktop interface would provide. With guaranteed uptime and high speed access, it provides for real-time simultaneous remote access to the QuickBooks software and data files. The key benefit of QuickBooks Hosting service is the ability to increase revenue by serving more customers, in more locations, with less travel time and travel expense. Most importantly, QuickBooks Hosting service enables the conduct of the business in the most optimized way, as it not only allows you to serve more clients but at the same time handle them effectively and efficiently. It is also a great solution for any size business that has multiple offices and/or staff working remotely.

QuickBooks Hosting Services – Anytime Anywhere Access:
QuickBooks Hosting allow you to access your file(s) from multiple locations as well as by many users simultaneously thus providing a truly collaborative experience. This makes you independent of your local network as far as access is concerned. The most obvious benefit of remote service is the high speed online response of the QuickBooks application. This is because the application is installed and running on our latest highly optimized servers allowing you to access the files from anywhere.

Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs with QuickBooks Hosting Service:
With QuickBooks Hosting Services you do not have to install any versions of the QuickBooks on any of your systems, as they are installed and run on the terminal servers. (You do need to own a license of QuickBooks) QuickBooks Hosting on the Terminal Servers makes it independent of the local computer system requirements, you need not invest in continually upgrading your IT infrastructure. My Accounting Cloud application hosting services uses the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2008 for QuickBooks Hosting, which provides you the highest uptime and ease of access.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting service are:
Anytime anywhere access
Instant connectivity
High speed connectivity
Full featured remote access
Multi-user access

I hope this information will be helpful!
Mark Wilson


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QuickBooks Hosting can be your one-stop solution for seamless collaboration with not just the team but with all your clients too. Here are some of the benefits of QuickBooks Hosting-

1) Remote Accessibility: QuickBooks users can access their files and applications from any where at any time, without any geographical limitations.

2) Pay-as-you-go Plans: Another benefit of QuickBooks Hosting is that business owners get the flexibility to upscale or downscale the resources as per their business requirements and pay only for what they use.

3) Top-Notch Security: Cyberattacks are one of the major reasons causing the downfall of any business. QuickBooks Hosting providers ensure the data is protected with high-end security features.

4) Team Collaboration: Professionals can easily access real-time data along with their team from anywhere across the globe, at the same time.

5) Backup and Disaster Recovery- A reliable QuickBooks Hosting provider ensures that your business is always up and running by performing regular backups and data updates.

You can read more about the benefits of QuickBooks hosting.


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