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 The best ways to ask a girl...  

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Immediately make a reservation: refusal is still possible. Even if you do everything perfectly, the girl may have reasons to refuse to meet. But nevertheless, the more competently you act ā€” the higher the probability of consent. Here are some rules that will help you get consent:

Be polite. Communicate with the girl carefully and courteously. Give the impression of a pleasant person. This is the basis of her consent.
Take your time. Don't ask me to meet you until you've gotten to know each other better and talked for a while. It is necessary to give rise to a confident sympathy ā€” testing it, the girl will agree with more likely.
Plan your meeting. Where you will go, what you will do, what you will talk about. If you manage to improvise with the latter, the first two items should be prepared in advance to avoid embarrassment on the spot.
Choose the correct wording. Since you will receive an answer immediately after that, it is important to say something that will not kill all the previous efforts and will persuade the girl to agree. We will help you with the wording smiling face Do
not push. If the girl is in doubt, you need to normally ask the reason for the doubt and convince her of the harmlessness and safety of the idea. But just hard to bend your line is not worth it: this will convince the girl that she did not doubt in vain.

How to prepare for a date
You have chosen the best place for a date. We received the coveted consent. The meeting is scheduled. What should I do now? Make sure that everything goes at the highest level.

Think through the program. Where you can drink coffee, where the places are quite picturesque for a walk, what kind of movie to watch, if we are talking about cinema. You can include something original in the form of a walk on the roofs, riding on rides or horses.
Take care of the budget: in our country, it is customary to pay for girls on dates. This happens in most cases, and the girl may be offended if she has to pay for herself on her own.
Think about the appearance. It should be appropriate for the occasion: if you go to the theater ā€” dress more decently, if you have planned some active entertainment-choose something comfortable. Clothing should be clean and tidy. Her hair was neat. Choose a nice unobtrusive perfume.
If you want to achieve the maximum location of the girl-come up with a small gift or give flowers.
Think about topics for conversation: what you want to ask, what you will tell about yourself. The conversation will probably build itself, but it is better to have a couple of trumps in case of awkward silence or to find out about the girl what you would like to ask.

How to invite a girl on a date in person
If you already see and communicate, and you do not need to transfer the acquaintance from the Internet to reality, everything becomes much easier. It is enough to catch the moment and turn everything gracefully.

If you are studying or working together, add romance and drop a note. Offer to go to the movie she is waiting for, or to a cafe with her favorite kind of cuisine. According to the tradition of American films, write the options "Yes" and " No " so that she puts a check mark on the desired one. If you are sure of success, you can write the options "Yes", "Exactly yes", "Tomorrow", "Ask me again". If the plan doesn't work, the girl just won't return the note.
At the meeting, make a compliment to her appearance. Ask for news and offer to take a walk/lunch/go somewhere together.
Ask for help. Maybe you need to choose an outfit for some occasion, a gift for mom, or something that she is well versed in. This will be a great excuse for a meeting and will emphasize your attention to the girl.
If you have a ticket or a season ticket somewhere that is about to expire, invite her to join you.


I love dating on dating sites, and one of the most important factors for me is that the platform has a cool and clean interface. Therefore, I advise you to review bumble app, I hope you enjoy it. I think this site is awesome because it has special paid perks that increase your chances of success!


In fact, all people are different, and it is at least strange to judge what all women like by one set of dubious rules.


All girls are different, but they also have common features. Everyone loves compliments and everyone needs to be confident in their safety. These are basic concepts. This is why I always recommend guys to use dedicated sites - Online dating doesn't take a lot of effort. Girls communicate more willingly than just on the street or in a bar.


Having someone by your side is a cool idea because love partner can really make us happy. By the way, as you need, Iā€™m willing to advise this incredibly good source that will help you to know more of how to date with jewish girl. Just click the link and use it right now!

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