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 How to Troubleshoot Epson Printer  

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Wondering: why is my Epson printer not printing black, and how to resolve the issue? Well, the issue is most probably due to the ink level in the cartridges. So it would be better if you check the cartridge section whether any of them has a low ink level; if it is, then you should replace those faulty cartridges. Simple isn’t it!


There can be various reasons responsible for this issue, however, some of the main reasons for this issue are listed below:

Printer head having an issue
The issue regarding paper printing
Printer driver related issue
Improper source data
Issues in the ink cartridge

Issues in the ink cartridge
First, we need to check the volume of the ink available in different ink cartridges. There might be a chance that your ink cartridges are not working properly. For checking this follow the following steps:

Open up the printer and remove ink cartridges
Check if there are any ink cartridges that are empty or about to end, then fill them up or replace them with new ink cartridges.
Be careful while placing ink cartridges into their positions and make sure that each cartridge is properly installed in its allocated slot.
While installing a new cartridge make sure that the tape over the ventis removed properly.
Do not forget to check clogging in between cartridge vents as they are more likely to get cogged by the ink. It can simply be removed by using a pin or another sharp object.
If your printer is still unable to perceive ink cartridges than there might be a possibility that your printer used to work with an old cartridge, so use an alternate ink cartridge and check again.

I hope these solutions will be helpful to fix epson not printing black.

Mark Wilson

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