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 Research work.  

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Main stages of research work:

1. Updating the problem (identify the problem and determine the direction of future research).

2. Identify the areas of research (formulate the main questions that we would like to find answers to).

3. Selection of the research topic (try to define the boundaries of the research as strictly as possible)

4. Development of a hypothesis (develop a hypothesis or hypotheses, including unrealistic-provocative ideas).

5. Identification and systematization of approaches to the solution (choose research methods).

6. Determine the sequence of the study.

7. Collection and processing of information (record the acquired knowledge).

8. Analysis and generalization of the received materials (to structure the received material, using the known logical rules and techniques).

9. Preparation of the report (define the main concepts, prepare a report on the results of the study).

10. Report (defend the results publicly in front of peers and adults, answer questions).


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