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 Very Confused. Help me.  

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I tend totake exam in Dec 7 . Now I am doing FA , Goljan Notes 100 p , Kaplan Q book 2001 , Robbins Cd for slides .
I get a score 65% in Q Book . I am Very afraid . What do you think ?
I tried to download Goljan 50p notes many times but the file could not open .How to get them ?
E-mail :[email protected]
Please I need your support . :oops: :oops:


Well you are doing ok, especially because you have almost 7-8 wks to your exam. So don’t panic cause that could bring you more problems. Just keep studying those materials you are already doing + qs.
About Goljan’s 100 notes - they are so similar to FA (short version of HY facts), so even if you get them within last days before exam or if you don’t get them at all, you’ll be fine if you really understand (and go several times through) materials you’re doing right now!
Find a way to relax (6-8 hrs of good sleep, jogging, praying, going out etc)!
Regards! :lol: :lol:


I will strongly recommend you doing a lot of questions, if you can get the q bank will be great
you are doing great, hang in there!
I also have my exam on the 7th what a coincidence huh? I am starting Qbank and I am planning to read everything again
let's keep on touch!


I did USMLE CD 3-block exam scoring 41,27,33 for blocks 1,2,3 respectively . What do you think ?


I had my exam yesterday . What do you think about it ? :shock: :shock: :shock:

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