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 Step 3 experience 240 Notes=50$  

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My step 3 experience
First of all, this exam totally different from other exams;
Day 1: test your knowledge from step 1 to step 3 including ur medical school knowledge (best source: Cumulative knowledge + UW step 2 + FA)
Day 2: the management part needs someone practicing medicine not just studying it, so be reasonable while choosing the answer (best source: UW step 3 + UW IM)

Regarding exam component
Single question type: very easy, even easier than step 1, If u just read FA biostatistics part u will get all questions right
Drug abstract, ads: dont bother urself with those questions, each block u will get one ad or abs with 2-3 questions try to solve the calculation part, for questions have no calculation if u r not good at stat like me just pick C (I got average in the exam by just putting C as an answer, I think it works for me
) Total questions around 15 questions from 400 so it means nothing

CCS part
Here I would like to thank @inka sanner without his help I would be lost
I just practiced it between day 1 and day 2
The best tool for CCS is crush CCS (Dont enter exam without it) but before reading it follow Inka protocol which will save alot of time while studying this part
then practice the UW interactive cases and read the practice cases one (dont know anything about archer, didnt like grading system and 2 min screen of CCScases)

The MCQ part
I made a well organized notes based on MTB book compining concepts from UW step 2 + UW step 3 + UW IM (this q bank helped me alot in the toughest question in the exam) buying them for 50$

Assessemnet exam (after finishing writing my notes)
NBME 7 for step 2 15/7: 231
NBME 5 for step 3 19/7: 420 (215 acc to Mean 500 = 227, SD 100 = 15)
Revised them in 1 month with 2nd round UW scoring around 89%
Took Day 1 (2/9), Day 2 (9/9)
Real deal : 240
My scores 241/226/CS 1st attempts

How I studied for CCS in 6-7 days
Here is the method that worked for me to score high in CCS
(I didn't use Archer as I think it is overwhelming - I tried CCScases but I think it is misleading orders many orders irrelevant and focus on things I think not scored and left the important things)
The sources I used are (FRED 6 cases + Cheat sheet (modified version of Inka protocl) + Crush CCS +UW interactive cases 51 + skimmed through some practice cases.
1st day
1- I read Inka protcol and she advised me to start with FRED and to play with orders and change the sequene of orders to know the best approach of the cases to know how the developpers of this software think
2- Developped the Cheat sheet I uploaded here and put it infront of me like I did in the real exam i wrote it down and looked through it many times to check if i forgot something important to orders in the real deal
2nd and 3rd days
I started to read through Crush CCS, what I did is read the case except the answer including oders and sequence I covered this part then I was ordering them in my mind and compare it to the answer and what is the next step and so on
4th day to the day before the exam
I solved UW interactive cases + some practice cases around 10-15 cases + revised Crush CCS again in last 6 hrs
My score 240

Inka protocol
I used the mnemonic "ABCD IBU POT MRT PEDAL" in CCS
Age Gender - write it down
Brainstorming - write down every idea (what to order not D/D) while reading the initial presentation!
Diagnostic steps
Pregnancy test
Others: ECG, EEG, CSF
Treatment of pain and nausea - before knowing the diagnosis
Routine: CBC, CMP, PT/PTT, IVA, NSS 0.9%
Treatment - after knowing the diagnosis
Prevention: cancer screening, vaccines
Avoid: smoking, EtOH, drugs
In emergency cases I always order: ABC before PE
Air: Oxygen saturation q1h + Oxygen tx
Blood pressure q1h
Cardiac monitor q1h
for surgery prep NICE PT:
Informed consent
for admitted pts ADMI CON:
Activity: Bedrest
Diet: NPO, diabetic
Meds: Heparin
Intake & Output
Compression stockings
Nasogastric tube
I used my break time in between the MCQ blocks to write out all my mnemonics on my scrap paper. This helped a LOT! I did not order everything for each case of course. Just checked my mnemonic at the end of each order sheet to see if I did not forget any pertinent order.
I recommend to start with the 6 FRED cases, because they are the gold standard!!! Then skim through CrushStep3CCS (pdf in files), after that start practicing either on UWccs or CCScasescom or both - following the principles learned from FRED and CrushStep3CCS. Don't follow what CCScasescom is trying to teach you! Don't get discouraged if you don't get feedback from surgeons, your pts only get partially better or your simulated time doesn't progress in UW!
Then in the last 3 days before day 2 repeat the 6 FRED cases and the entire 120 cases from CrushStep3CCS. With your gained experience you will notice more details this time.
Between day 1 and 2 also focus on practicing timing for the 10 min cases. Use a time lag of 1 second if available in your practice tool!
When reading the book CrushStep3CCS, save time by only reading the diagnosis and the sequencing. You can finish CrushCCS in 1-2 days easily this way.
The cases on the exam are different from any you encounter in the practice tools. You will have to think on your own on the exam, but CrushStep3CCS is the perfect map for that.
Practicing helps to train you to use the software efficiently. But both practice softwares have serious and very annoying errors, but you have to choose one! UW has far less mistakes when it comes to important teaching content.
Just approach all of them following the principles from the book CrushStep3CCS (pdf in files). This book is really the best secret weapon to getting a great score on CCS. I love how simple and short and logic the sequencing is. And it covers at least 90% of the content needed.
My decision not to be scared of negative feedback from the system was very helpful for my CCS. I tested and retested. I examined and reexamined. I checked interval hx obsessively. Take every pt feedback as a helpful hint to adjust your management on your exam.


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