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 Applying as IMG - documentation required?  

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Hi, I will soon be applying for Step 3, and is things have worked out, I am going to be traveling around the time that I will want to apply, so I am looking for some advice from IMGs who have been there and done that.

I am pretty sure that I am going to need a copy of my ECFMG certificate on hand to be able to apply, but I want to know in advance (ie. before leaving home) if I am going to have to send any other documentation to the FSMB when I apply. I sent an email to the FSMB asking this, but as expected, I haven't heard back yet. Also, for the documents that we send as copies, does a notary have to verify their authenticity by sighting the original? ECFMG has a pretty good website telling you about all this stuff for Step 1 and 2, but I haven't found as much online info about this over at the FSMB website. Any tips on documents needed for Step 3 applications would be appreciated.


Hi Darryn,
Did you figure out which documents to send. I only have that Signature/Photo ID page and I am not sure which additional documents to send besides. Any idea and help will be appriciated. Do I need to send my medical diplome, transcript, ceredential verifications, etc also :?:


You only need the Signature/Photo ID page and to have that notarized. Your ECFMG certificate must have been issued, but you do not need to send it in with your application. Basically you just have to wait for the ECFMG certificate to be issued (which you can check on OASIS) and then you are free to apply. They are actually pretty quick to process your application and get your scheduling permit out to you once your application is complete. I only had to wait about 1 week for mine and scheduling was then very quick and easy. I got my first choice of dates and location. I registered with the Connecticut board, and remember that you can take the exam in any State, so basically choose a testing center that is close to you. Good luck!


Thanks so much for your prompt reply Darryn.
Good luck.


Dear freinds..
I have no idea hw to apply for step 3. I sent an email to FSMB but no response..
So can anybody tell me what are the procedures?
1. How to get the application form?
2.Is it possible to write step3 from any state ?
3.I am planning to do residency in Illinose, so is that necessary to write step3 from this state only?
4.Is that a must to complete 1 year residency training b-for step3 exam

I hope anybody can answer me ...
Thanks in advance....


If you have already recived your certification and your mediacl ceredential are verified, you are now eligible for taking step3. In some states they want you to complete some years of the residency as weel before taking step3. You can check all the requirements from web site. The informations about state requirements are also available at that web site.
For the location question: You can take step 3 whichever state you want, it is gonna be valid in all states. for example I am planing to work in ny in the near future but i am gonna take my step 3 in texas.
You can make an online application instead of paper application. It is easier ever. At the end of the application it lets you to print out a photo/id page, you need to get notarized this papar as well and send it to your state medical board adrress by mail.
My experiences and knowledge is like that. I applied on 2nd of february, mailed my notariezed photo/id paper on 3rd, and today as 8th of february I received an email regarding my application approval.
Good luck


Hi alice
thank you so much for answering my que:
good luck for ur exam.....


Hi Friends,
I have a question...If I register with connecticut board, does it mean my Licensure will be in Connecticut?.. How to apply for Licensure in more than one state during residency?. :roll:


I sent the photo id form twice and I still dint recieve my scheduling permit.Send it by speed post guys.

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