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which intrelukin produced by macrophages stimutale T helper 1 cell activity?


Is it Interleukin-1 :roll:


"ritu" wrote:
Is it Interleukin-1 :roll:



I guess it is IL 1 because IL 1 is produced by macrophages , ,,,, IL 12 I guess helps T Helper cells Subset 1 to differnetiate into Cytotoxic T cells and Macrophages which are activated by IL2 and Interferon gamma respectively.
But I am not sure , let me knwo the correct answer


I was wrong I guess it is IL 12, may be I will have to check it , it is so confusing.......... :shock:
but I think it is IL 12 :oops:
finally I will put my money on IL 12 :wink:


Think of it like this when you want to know about the interleukins!
"HOT T-Bone stEAk"
IL-2:stimulates Tcells
IL-3:stimulates Bone marrow
IL-4:stimulates IgE production
IL-5:stimulates IgA production
This is from the USMLE Step 1 First Aid


IL-1 is secreted by macrophages whereas IL-2 is secreted by helper T cells


yes it is IL 12. which stimulates TH1 cells to produce IL 2 and IFN alpha.


how do you recognize what is deficient in piogene infections, especially/ or infection with Str pneumoniae and Haemophilus


Low Ig M.

Steptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus have the polysaccharide capsule in common which is protecting them from phagocytosis.
In Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome,the patient has a deficient IgM response to infections with bacteria that have a polysaccharide capsule.


yes, i am agree with that explanation, polysaccharide is un antigen recognize only limphocyte b. But you can have a recurent infection with the same critter, in deficit in acting of neutrophil ( NADPH oxidase), no? I think is better to have un algorithm to judge, but i don't know it is correct. 1. CBC with complete formula
2. after that immunograme
probably i am tired and all it so confusing right know
i'll repeat this chapter tomorrow


No you are all wrong it is Luke son of Darth Vador King of darkness master of evil loverof all death :evil:


Yes you are correct but i like to think of this anology

1) drink goes down smooth :wink:
2) Instant releif :P
3) an hoiur Later firey hell flowing from pooper :cry: :roll:


cytokine-- IL12
major source- Macrophage
major target cells-- helper t cell (Th1) and NK cell
major effect-- activation


cytokine-- IL12
major source- Macrophage
major target cells-- helper t cell (Th1) and NK cell
major effect-- activation

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