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 Step 2 CS mistakes freakout  

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My first case I stammered during my first sentence cuz I was so tensed. But later I caught a grip on myself and went on without stuttering. I feel no SP had any problem with my English pronunciation or accent. I'm an IMG.

I had only one dd for 2 cases and 2 DDS for 8 cases and 3 DDS for 2-3 of them I guess. Also two of the cases DDs were almost similar in some sense. I'm freaking out for that really cuz I know it can't be so similar. I forgot to write one extra DD in one case which I remembered later.

I forgot to pull out the leg rest while doing a manauver and didn't do the maneuver exactly like how it was supposed to be done. It was dumb the way I did it. I think I'll loose points on that.

I sat down on the stool for all cases in front of the patient after introducing myself etc etc. Some ppl suggest to stand up but I'm not sure if I'll loose points for that.

I didn't wash my hands in any case. I just used the hand sanitizer. I made sure to ask the patient if they had any allergy/discomfort to hand sanitizer before using it. So Im scared if not washing with water and soap will loose me my marks.

While doing knee exam, my hands slipped and the knee hammer hit the patient knee a bit hard. She said ouch. But I apologized profusely after that. I hope I don't get screwed for that.

When I was doing abd exam , SP felt my hands was cold and she kinda flinched when my hands touched her abdomen. I wasn't aware that my hands were cold. I apologized again to her. I hope I'm not screwed for that.

I ran out of time in my first case to close as well. Crap.

Half the cases I wasn't sure if my DDs were correct. Or if I put them in correct order.

I did not do CVS or RS until it was needed to elicit the chief complain. I'm not sure if we r supposed to exam CVS and RS for every patient.

I could find time to close all cases except my first one but I'm not sure if my closure convinced the patient. They seemed to be straightfaced.

When I said cancer as second probability for a patient he screamed telling that he is so irritated and anxious to hear cancer but I'm said it's not confirmed but I'll have to rule it out as per protocol. But he looked so angry. I'm so scared about that.

I'm kinda freaking out if I loose marks for writing CBC with differentials for every case as the last workup.

I'm not sure about DDs.

I'm not sure if I "looked" empathetic enough under that tension. I'm scared if I put up a flat affect /anxiousness on my face while trying to be empathetic.

I'm not sure if my imaging studies are appropriate enough. Extremely worried about my DDs as well. I think I majorily ****ed up my DDs. But u didn't write any DD without evidence. Made sure I had atleast three evidence for it. But again writing wrong DD even with evidence will cost me.

The first two blocks of exam was like crappy. The last two blocks were ok. Honestly when I came out of exam I felt so numb. I didn't feel good nor bad. I just couldn't understand how I felt. I'm trying so hard to remember if I missed out anything but it's like the memory is so vague, yet scary.

I'm just too tensed. Anybody pls give Ur feedback!


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