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 Step 1 study advice/help organize  

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Hello Everyone,
I am a medical student at an Austrian private University. Long story short: The uni requires us to do the Step 1 after our third year. Our preparation time is starting soon and in total we have 17 weeks to prepare purely for the test.
Now, I know this probably sounds stupid to most people on here, but I only want to pass the test. Don’t really care about my score that much as long as I can pass it well.
Now, my questions are, what is the best way to prepare for Step 1 in my situation?

Here’s what I have collected so far: I have only recently started working with the First Aid book (about half the subjects in there I have at least looked at by now). I also worked through the pathoma book and videos and have watched all sketchy micro and pharm videos at least once, but plan on doing them again during my study time.

Also, I just purchased the usmle rx 360 package and I plan to watch all those videos and use that as my main guideline for studying.

I have heard most people say that they tried to learn 9 pages from the first aid book per day (as a rough outline) and in the afternoon did qbank questions or watched sketchy or other videos. My question here is, would you say this is a useful approach? How many pages a day is realistic? (obviously there is some variance within the different subjects..)

Oh, and should I try to get the Uworld bank as well? I probably can’t do all the rx and uworld questions in such a short time though...

I am really nervous, and feel I have not enough time to prepare sufficiently (a lot of students fail their first try here…)
Also, I wish I had started working with the first aid book earlier…

What would your recommendations be for just wanting to pass the test? Any input is appreciated greatly here smiling face

Also, what resources would you recommend for the 2018 step1 specifically? like what has changed or is more focussed on in the recent years?

Thanks in advance!


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