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 Lets finish this once & for all  

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PREP PLAN: Cover the same subject in

1) Kaplan step 3 books & Lecture

2) Archer Review Lectures

3) Kaplan Q bank subject based questions

Archer CCS Review 1 hour aday

my plan is to finish all this my end of Febuary!!!


good lucksmiling face


Thanks Confidence!

next 2 days plan is ID... im starting kaplan ID, Archer review ID and then kaplan ID questions and once that is done listen to Archer CCS Case for 1 hour!


A little motivation

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May the joy be with you,
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FINALLY DONE Kaplan ID ... omg getting back into the game is HARD!! haahaa ok so i still have about 3 hours of Archer ID left trying to finish it by tonight... lets see


uggg i hated Archer review ID... kaplan was really good: i love the cases after each section...

starting Kaplan Cardio


go go go ...nod


thanks Confidence!!! hope your studying is going well

Cardio Kaplan video half way done...


Bradikinin is responsible for the production of pain in angina!

other pain mediators specially in inflammation is PGI2

will try to finish Kaplan Cardio tomm

not covering all the stuff i want to but my biggest focus is Kaplan Videos, once i pick up my pace I want to start doing Kaplan Qbank subject based questions!



ok i know iv been away for the longest time, but iv been studying: i finished all of UW once and tomorrow I'm starting my incorrect questions and i am on my 2nd read for MTB3
hope everyone is staying positive and studying hard!
i am looking for a SP if someone is interested... I'm available most of the days except monday and thursday after noons
so let me know if someone is interested



i just finished 1 test of incorrect questions: 53% mad

rest of the day i want to cover MTB 3 Endocrinology

and 1 more test of UW incorrect questions

and also review a bit of ID/pulmonary Antibiotics


yesterday was a great day of studying very productive... i found a new study partner smiling face

i did another test of incorrect UW questions: i got 53 again but I'm learning from them so its all good sticking out tongue

I reviewed MTB Endocrinology and Pulmon smiling face so I'm happy that is done

Todays please is 2 UW incorrect tests and MTB Rheumatology



Good morning... well its a rainy Sunday here in NYC but I LOVE IT

yesterday was another good day of studying I finished 2 test of incorrect questions: 51% and 67%

I also reviewed MTB3 Rheumatology

Today i am going to review Surgery

"IF egg is broken by outside forces, life ends
If broken by inside force, life begins
Great things always begin from inside"



another good day of studying 2 incorrect test both 73%
and reviewed Surgery

tomorrows plan 2 incorrect tests for UW


hello hello, so my studying is going well, I'm almost finished with my incorrect UW questions i will try to do as much as i can today but if i can't its ok

i finished OBGYN yesterday from mTB 4

today my plan is to do psych and UW and tomorrow I'm taking a NBME nod


PSYCH done smiling face and took my NBME 3 i got 45 questions wrong = NBME 3 i got 520... i have no idea how that is... so if any one has any input i would appreciate that

i am going to start my 2nd revision on questions tomorrow 1 test of UW mixed tutor

im also going to start CCS 3 cases and

review MTB ID and allergy and immunology


ok so this week went well, i did 1 UW test a day... scoring really well... i am scoring > 75%

been doing CCS cases every day


all right up date... 1 MONTH LEFT FOR MY EXAM shocked

so done 50% of UW questions on my 2nd revision (scoring > 74%)

i am also doing archers CCS and Chahers CCS and UW CCS and FA CCS

going to the pro metric center tomorrow to do the USMLE CD so lets see how that goes!

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