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 Step 3 success story  

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I have to be accountable for what I do each day in this preparation.

Today I plan to review UW block I have completed yesterday, do 2 UW mixed timed blocks and review those too!

Ready, steady, GOOOOO

Please join me on this journey!


First test 64%, low on poisoning/environmental exposure and dermatology.
Now next block nod


Mixed timed UW block 61% sad

Endocrine and DM- 3 wrong answersraised eyebrow
Pulmonary/Critical care 4 correct and 4 wrongconfused

Back to business REVIEW and next mixed block!



dr.p11 ...good job ...stay motivated please ...we will do it sooooonnodnodnod
good luck ...see you laternod


Thank you girl for your support! @confidence

All right, not going as planned....BUT TODAY is the beginning of the rest of my life, I have this moment to change..
Got some natural concentration boosters from the local ALL READY TO GO!


Review one block
Do one new mixed block and review
do 4 CCS cases

Pray, stay happy and motivated smiling face)


Going to read a book now..need some relaxation time.

Then do some chores and go to rest for the day...

I am doing this nodnod
I am very prosperous smiling face


Back to business!! Review, another block and ten practice CCS. I can do it! I am doing it! I have enough time and I am ready to learn what i need to know to pass this exam!

Good luck to everyone!nod


good luck ...nodnodnod


Need to work on pulmo and endo more! Next block!
Thank you girl for stopping buy!


Another block 64%

It is getting better , every day I am better than yesterdaynodnodnod


Hello dr.p11

I'm also preparing for step 3, just wanted to say hi and wish you the best! Don't give up, keep going!!!

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

smiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Hi steps,
Thanks for your encouragement!
Good luck to you too!


I did 2 mixed blocks..First one was 36%, second 52%. First one had 10 questions in stats which I apparently did wrong shocked
smiling face

My overall is 55%

Need to improve. I am improving! Every day I am getting better and better!

Any suggestions for statistics? Any resources?

GL to everyone.
I will review my blocks now.


Did one block of incorrect questions to see if i am retaining anything...I am happy with the score.

Now review obstetrics and do one block only obstetrics and do CCS cases in that subject too.

I am good and I am getting even better every day.

GL everyone!


how is the prep going dr phil? when are you taking it?

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