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 Absent vagina  

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In which of the following is there an absent vagina?

A. Androgen insensitivity
B. Turner syndrome
C. CAH in female
D. adrenal hyperplasia
E. Gonadal agenesis




ummm... I think that may have been a case presentation and not the typical presentation.
A vagina is usually present in Turners.




hey, i dont know the answer sad

thats what I thought... but I read that in in testicular feminization (androgen sensitivity) they have a blind vagina.


in mullerian agenesis there is only presence of lower third of vagina but that option is not in the question.


I think the best answer is A.

IN testicular feminization there is only presence of lower third of vagina (blind vagina)

is there another name for mullerian agenesis?


testicular feminization,

MIF is produced which inhibits development of female internals,

absent androgen receptors, there is functional impairment of testosterone and dihydro tes, so no male externals development.


Signs may include:

vagina present but no cervix or uterus
normal female breast development
testes in the inguinal canal, labia, or abdomen
inguinal hernia with palpable gonad


Testosterone levels -- in the male range
XY Karyotyping -- the presence of one X and one Y sex chromosome indicates male gender
Luteinizing hormone (LH) levels -- high
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels -- normal
Sonogram -- shows an absent uterus or intra-abdominal testes
Androgen receptor studies (research setting) may confirm the syndrome


Hi everybody,

I am a patient with Mullerian Agenegis also known as Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome, surfing the internet and finding it fun placing a message. It is good to hear people are actually learning things about our birth defects these days! I wish you all good luck in your study's, and if you ever have a good medical article for me about this syndrome, I'd love to have it! For me as a patient it is however impossible to gather medical information!

Megan, 28, diagnosed at 17 with MRKH and living in the Netherlands

[email protected]

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