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 NYC Live CS Tutoring & Mock Exam  

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Which Part of CS is Hardest for You?
Spoken English Proficiency

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ICE Physical Exam

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ICE Patient Note Write Up

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CIS History Taking

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CIS Showing Empathy & Compassion

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Experienced CS Tutor for one-on-one live practice sessions in NYC.

I offer tutoring for the necessary skills you need to pass each part of the NEW CS; plus offer mock practice sessions, and a Mock Exam before your test day. Test yourself before the real day; and get realistic feedback and tips on how to excel on your exam!
I'm a Clinical Instructor and actively keep up to date with the latest USMLE changes.

Today I met with the Executive Director of the NBME board that creates your USMLE CS; and I have the *most current information* on how they breakdown your scoring and the things you must do to pass and score high.
This exam is not as easy as it was before.

Don't risk a failure and NOT matching for residency.
Some residency programs do NOT accept you if you have 1 CS failure.
Passing for FMGs, IMGs, and AMGs is tougher now with the new CS changes--more people are failing and surprised.

My rates start at $40/hr.
I schedule sessions at your convenience, or preferable Sundays at a private office in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently booking September 2014 -February 2015 Examinees.

Not only are there no current open exam dates for 2014 but rescheduling fees have doubled, so BE READY for your big day and PASS the First time!

With the grace of God, All my students have passed their exams!
I'm currently doing intensive review sessions with students that have failed their 2014 CS exam, so if you have failed this year, get in touch with me.

For more information, questions, or rates, please email me at:

Dr. Samara
CSStudyBuddy at gmail
[email protected]

Include: Name, Exam date, type of practice you need (mock cases; physical exam skills; History taking; ICE, CIS, or SEP Skills).



I am offering a discounted rate for Step 2 CS retakers.
If you have failed CS, you can get in touch with me. Hope to help you PASS.

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