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 Got dismissed at 6 months  

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Hey guys,

So I'm looking advice and support in this situation. 3 months into my IM residency at Drexel I got called in for not being organized/ not completing patient tasks in a timely manner / requiring too much supervision. My mentor said I had to take a remedial month which was to replace my ambulatory. During the month I'll be put on service with 3rd years who would help me get organized and teach me how to navigate the hospital system. So I did well during that month and got positive reviews from the attending's I worked with that month as well as the upper years. In addition to that month I met with one of the chiefs every two weeks to keep monitoring my progress. On Jan 8th my progress would be reviewed and they would discuss my standing in the program

The last time I met with a chief was mid dec. and she was very happy with my progress etc etc. Jan. 8th came and passed so I assumed I was ok. However I wasn't I got called in on the 21st and was told that on Feb. 8th the PCCC would meet to discuss my standing and that most likely I would be dismissed from the program for lack of adequate progress or I guess not meeting milestones. They put me on temp admin leave after Jan 21st. So Feb 8th came and went and I still had no answer, I knew they weren't gonna let me continue but I didn't understand why they didn't just outright fire me. I think the program was coming under fire by the ACGME cause they had recently received a warning. Anyways by March 12th I was fed up and I just respectfully resigned because I didn't know what else to do. I had all the attending's I worked with after my 3rd month advocate on my behalf as well as a shitload of upper years but their mind was made up I guess.

I asked for a reasonable letter from the PD but that wasn't gonna happen either that's why I ultimately resigned. I tried my best and am pretty sure I wasn't deluding myself about the improvements I made in my organizational skills and getting tasks done quickly and accurately. I've already secured LOR's from the attendings who were over seeing my work during my remedial month and they are gonna be quite positive. Any advice on how to address this on my ERAS application. I'm gonna be completely honest obviously but maybe I can word things in a less inflammatory manner??

Any help or incite would be appreciated


Be honest about what happened but avoid condemning the program management.

Your best bet may be to ask all the attendings who advocated for you to help out with looking for a residency spot and making some phone calls. Personal contacts and direct recommendations from a good attending can go a long way.


Thanks Man,

Yea as the season starts I will reach out to the few attendings that I knew were supporting me and see if they can possibly make a phone call or personal email or two.


What is done is done, be positive and work towards your future goal.

I do need to say one thing though, you are an IMG and were an acgme accredited resident, the program could not legitimately fire you due to positive feedback from your seniors and attending physicians. You did a favor to them by resigning.

ASSUMING WHAT UR TELLING US IS CORRECT (BIG CAVEAT HERE) - Your program got out of a potential big lawsuit.

For any IMG in this situation I suggest that you do your remedial months sincerely and work hard, and also record your progress in a dairy.

When you go and meet chief residents or the program leadership please ask for written communication in terms of what happened during the meeting. I know this sounds a bit too far fetched and many might disagree with me, but for your own protection you can also try and record the conversations during these meetings. For if they were really pleased with your progress during this phase....., the fact that they spoke about it and did not put it in writing (I am assuming they did not) shows double standards here.

These things could have proved you case well enough in a court of law.

I say these things because I see some IMG's getting in trouble (minority of them, most often there is a legitimate reason to fire someone from a program) without their own fault!, and unfortunately in this country no one bothers if ur an IMG ur petty much screwed.

I have seen many instances where the PD has been lenient on the AMG's mistakes and made a mountain out of mole hill when it came to an IMG.

So be careful and cautious, this is not a fair game for an IMG, especially in these times when when outsourcing is seen as unpatriotic.

Just my 2 cents, take it for what its worth.

Edited by katzung on Aug 20, 2014 - 7:22 PM


Yea no I wasn't sure what else to d. They definitely wanted to get rid of me but the positive feedback from the attending's might have messed that process up. I knew that if I wanted to go after them legally I should have waited for them to fire me but honestly I only want to get back into residency and continue my training. I really don't care that I was treated unfairly it just sucks to deal with it.

And you are 100% right , I did not get all my improvements in writing which was a huge mistake on my part, I just assumed that because I was doing well on the floors with my patients that everything else was taking care of itself. I was definitely near the top of my class of interns when it came to dealing with acute situations and placing lines etc. I was however disorganized when it came to my progress notes I acknowledged that and worked on it diligently. I'm just better with writing progress notes on an EMR than hand writing them, I find it difficult to make my assessment and plan fit on 1/3 of a page of paper. I hope I'm not coming off as whiny. It really was my biggest issue.

Also there definitely is differential treatment for AMG's they have a lot more immunity in fucking up and being even a bit lazy in their work. I saw an intern get away with letting a patient become septic and hypotensive and not even get fluids running ( for like 3-4 hours ) and get away with it ( at the 6 months point of training ), I would have been gone immediately if I did anything so stupid.

I can not emphasize that I did not record any of my progress I was busy engaged with my patients and dealing with the work at hand. It was my biggest mistake.

I'm getting over it and am applying again because I know for sure that I never made any kind of major medical mistake or an act of negligence that would justify getting rid of me. I was always very professional in my interactions so they can't say I was a problem in that sense. I will get over the stigma of being forced to resign.

Thanks for the 2 cents


Be honest on your application.

Address it in your personal statement.

Have some of the attendings make calls for you if possible.

On the interview trail...dont be on the defensive or try to blame the guys at drexel. That will kill you. Focus on what you have learned from that experience.

You were good enough to go to Drexel means that you are a strong candidate. Consider this as a temporary bump in career. U will overcome

And this applies to every IMG. When you are ever put on remediation....just assume that you are on remediation for rest of your residency. Continuously ask for feedback from attendings you come into contact with and find out how you can improve. Once u are under the radar it only takes one person to give a negative feedback and you are in trouble. The american culture doesnt allow them to damn you in front of you. They are respectful and still smile at you but when it comes to feedback it is a serious thing.


Thanks TrueMamamia that's going to be my strategy if I get IV's. Acknowledge my mistake, show zero ill will towards previous program just focus on what I learned from the experience and what I have been doing since to continuing sharpening my skills.

I would go a step further and say that if you are an IMG just pretend you are on remediation from the beginning don't look at amg's and think you can act the same or be as relaxed its a mistake.

I wasn't sure if I should address it in my personal statement but I have been leaning towards that lately. I was just gonna try to squeeze the explanation in the 500 or so characters they give you on the general ERAS app to explain why you left a previous program but that's not enough space to be honest to succinctly address it.

Constantly asking for feedback is good advice

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