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 Rhino Mommy  

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Hello Journal n Forum

i am making this journal to keep my self Motivated n Focused .

i ve been trying to study for USMLE step 1 since 2006 but only end up just picking up n throwing up my books ,never been able to sit and study constantly to be confident enough to take this exam,my truly supportive husband has moved me away from all the external distractions that were not letting me go for my dream.

i am a mommy of a 5 year old boy and a 1 year old girl .
i dont get a chance to pickup books till noon because of kids ,cooking n household work ,so this leaves me 8 to 10 hours of study if i dont get distracted,so to keep me on track i will record my performance here
really wana get over this exam by the end of December 2014 .

i am studing First Aid and Crush step 1 these days ,i ve started Biochemistry and need to speed up .


happy studing fat soluble vitamins smiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Wish you all the best, hope you stay motivated and accomplish what you set out to do by the end of this year. smiling face


thank you indomethacin for the encouragement ,happy studing to you as well smiling face


my schedule for tomorrow

6 pages of FA and their related material in Crush step 1 .
20 questions of Biochemistry from UW .

get serious RHINO nod ,Sleep to be charged for Serious ,be very very serious .


Good Morning , everyone sleeping ,i really hope n pray that when i am gonna lock my self till then my kids won't be up ,otherwise i ll get caught in mommy stuff ,breakfast etc.

Run Rhino and be the Book Monster cool


U can do this!
Don't give up!!!
Good luck with ur studies!!


Thank you Bakita250 for support ,Good luck to you as well smiling face


Thnx Ayyaalina smiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Go for it , run rino rungrin.

You can do it.nod
ur kids are still good young age listening to mommy age sticking out tongue

Yes lock up self in , study hard, that's what am doing when I can .

Do FA & kap Q/ books , unless u like crush which is not common books ppl used/ are using. Just my 2 cent to use ur tiem focusing on good common resources.

GL to menod, usnod, allnod


thank you shwe for the support and suggestion about Kaplan smiling face .
nodyes i did read it for some of the subjects few years back as it is the ultimate source to improve all basic science concepts ,but i get really few hours right now as still struggling to adjust my study schedule with my kids so i am gonna to to Kaplan any where i feel stuck ,surely its a must read smiling face


i had some success studying but was totally occupied with family and while trying to study was too tired , my head was full of thoughts and unclear .
here i am back will first study what was left .


YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! nodnodnod


You're welcome. If did kaplan b4 yes do as needed with restricted time for studying.

Am doing same just focus q & as needed open FA, kap [ rarely needed] .

UW assess so u r really close , do not stop .nod

How's NBME ?

GL to menod, us nod, all nod


Welcome (if its really yours @ ayya)


appreciate your helpsoomuch!! thank you! newborn photography colorado springs

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