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 65 year old lady  

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65 year old lady presents to you regarding her belief that her husband suffers from an incurable cancer for 10 years, although her husband is perfectly healthy. She also thinks that he is a member of a world security organization and the plane flying above their house and trying to get some important information from her. When asked about her believe, she remains vague and can’t give you any logical explanation. What is the MOST LIKELY diagnosis.

1.Paranoid schizophrenia
2.Delusional disorder
4.Alcohol disorder
5.Schizoid personality disorder


2. Delusional disorder


paranoid schizophrenia


is it 5?


paranoid schizophrenia


1. paranoid schizophrenia: Schizophrenia characterized predominantly by one or more delusions of persecution and megalomania or frequent auditory hallucinations.

2. delusional disorder: A severe mental disorder characterized by the presence of non-bizarre delusions in the absence of other psychotic symptoms.

3. dementia: impairment in short and long term memory; impaired abstract thinking

4. alcohol disorder: short term effects » distorted perceptions, memory loss, hangovers, black-outs.
long term effects » serious memory loss, liver cirrhosis, impotence

5. schizoid personality disorder: An individual who is isolated, cold and indifferent.


I'll go for 1!!! smiling face


its 1--paranoid schizo

is it correct....... :roll:


i'll choose paranoid schiz. whats the answer?


1.Paranoid schizophrenia

coz it is bizarre delusion


Hi I am new here can you please differentiate to me bizarre and non bizarre delusion thanks


Paranoid schizophrenia


I think it should be delusional = false belief; its not a bizzare beliefe, ( if you think you are king george - its not considered bizzare - its something that s possible) i dont know how to explain.. but i could be completely off. welll lets see what the answer is...


What about dementia? Personality changes such as paranoid behavior occurs in dementia.




1 or 2?


delutional disorder coz there is no confabulation hece alcohol ruled out...also patient is otherwise well groomed n living normally...hence no schizophrenia


b delusional disorder..she is having no psychotic symptoms,hallucinations etc for schizophrenia..


It's delusional disorder



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