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 helpful in memorizing MEN synd  

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Something helpful I found to memorize it

MEN1: 1 is for primary or prime number, so MEN1 involves things that start with the letter ”P”:
Pituitary adenoma
Parathyroid hyperplasia
Pancreatic islet cell tumors (gastrinoma, insulinoma, glucagonoma)
MEN2A: happens to involve the letter C:
Calcitonin (medullary carcinoma of the thyroid with elevated calcitonin level)
Calcium (parathyroid hyperplasia, which causes elevated calcium levels)
Catecholamines which are made in the chromocytes (as in pheochromocytoma)
Men 2B: B is for belly problems (mucosal neuromas)
Clinical presentation
MEN1: Hypercalcemia (kidney stones, abdominal moans, psychiatric overtones, and problems with bones) and treatment-resistant peptic ulcer disease (gastrinoma) or hypoglycemia (insulinoma)
MEN2A: hypercalcemia and severe hypertension (particularly paroxysmal with headaches, palpitations, and diaphoresis)
MEN2B: marfanoid habitus and mucosal neuromas on lips, tongue and eyelids. Note that Abraham Lincoln was said (apocryphally?) to have been marfanoid, and he clearly was one of the great “men to be” (MEN2B)!

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