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 ck prep journal  

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what's up Prep4usmle. Starting CK prep today. Going to start with a diagnostic and see where I'm at. Took step 1 two years ago so I'm expecting to be rusty initially. Got to hit this hard. Game time lets go...


Finished the kaplan diagnostic. Had some technical difficulties with the timer which wouldn't reset after I started a new block. But got it to work in the end.

Looks like Surgery is my weakest followed by peds, psych/ethics, obgyn then IM. Overall 57%.

Going to talk to my advisor and ask about best way to create a study plan using this baseline test.

Chip in if anyone has some tips on good ways to start. 


Ok so a week has passed by since my last journal entry. In the time, I managed to finish kaplan psychiatry and gynecology. Started on IM ID and endocinology.

Hoping to finish Endo and ID by tomorrow.

Q bank is going terribly. It certainly highlights certain concepts that were missed during the initial read through of the material.

I'll try to be better at posting updates.


Its been two months... No one wants to be friends with me. sad

Finished kaplan notes.

Finished MTB, Finished MTB, Starting Uwolrd. This might explain why i have no friends. sad

Hopefully tomorrow I can finsh early and see the sun. It will be refreshing... and energizing...

like superman.


Hey there smiling face its not like no one is willing to be a friend with you, its just everyone is busy studying i guess And also this CK journal is veeeeeeery quiet, I barely see ppl posting, I feel like a crazy screamer alone here

Good going, you are doing great I only have psychiatry notes & videos left, so hopefully I can join you next week~

Happy studying!


Hey 269 and amy. I was just joking around commenting on how quiet this forum is. Good to see that there are other ck ppl out there.

Anyways, i managed to finish all the kaplan lecture notes as well as the kaplan high yield videos which basically covers MTB step 2 ck. I'm about 40% done with kaplan qbank and 10% done with uworld. I'm averaging about 60% on these blocks on timed random. Hopefully I can finish half of uworld and i'll consider taking my first nbme.

I'll move from there. Good luck to you 269 and happy studying to you as well. And thanks for the input Amy.


Hey sjayd87, I see we are so close thus far...... let us post what we did everyday smiling face so that we can motivate and push each other! Did you registed yet? When are u planning to take CK? I will be taking after satisfied NBME but i have window period ending on feruary... I have to rush and these long long upcomong holidays are not helping me LOL

How is Kaplan qbank? I am planning it after finishing UW bc they have only 30days or 12monts subscription option & I cant spend another 300$ on Qbank so I am currently sticking with UW and maybe do Kaplan afterwards if I have bad NBME,

Anyways, good luck


Hey 269, my window period is ending in december but i applied for an extension for three months which makes it ending in march. I haven't picked a date yet. The date will depend, like you, based on my nbme. I'm about 13% done with uworld qbank. This week has been tough due to families visiting and what not.

I thought kaplan qbank has some interesting qualities. I think its more fact based versus concept based. Its still a good qbank to do to keep the prep going.

My uworld sub is about to run out as well so i need to hurry up too

Good luck!

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