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 Is Step 1 question appearing in Step 2?  

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Is Step 1 question appearing in Step 2?
I heared someone who already taking the Step 1 and Step2.
They told me the questions in Step1 is appearing in Step 2 exam about 20-30% of questions.
Is it true?
How can I prepare for this?
I plan to take step2 before step 1.


Well.... try not to do that if u can

My advice to u is to try ur best to cover at least pathology and physiology before the test ......If any questions dop come up on the test in Step 2 they wld be form the those topics.....
But if u know ur clinical science well...... then u know the basics of these and u know the pathophysiology oif the diseases then u shdln't worry about it.....

Good luck


Hi Teera
I just received my score of Step2 yesterday and I passed it (230/93).
In my opinion, there isn't only one way to get the goal so you can try it. I haven't taken the Step 1 already and I decided to try Step2 first because I found it easier to prepare it. Of course, the exam test you in some way knowledge about Step 1, for example, in some questions asks you the mechanism of the disease instead of asking you the name of the disease.
Now I am facing problem to prepare Step 1, especially biochemistry.
Good Luck


Well teera, except for that u can't give ur csa without ur step1 score, u can go ahead with any step first, once ur conficent with ur pathophysiology and most importantly have been in constant touch with ur subject............ grin grin
If u wanna be fast and catch up and finish the steps and csa, then step1 csa and step2 r good order of choices , if not, anyway it's all depends on how confident u r.............. grin grin
But both steps interrelate in qs...........that's for sure.......... grin grin


grin congrats ceci its a really good score. If u dont mind sharing, what were your study sources?
good luck with step 1 grin

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