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 step 2 cs mistakes  

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i really screwed my cs exam this week...
my mistakes at houston center
-forgot to tell that i would keep social and sexual history confidential in all cases
-dint ask a standing patient to sit and when she sat forgot to drape her
-dint ask about menstrual history in 1 patient in which i think perimenopausal syndrome was 1 of the dd
-dint confirm the patient's name upon entering in atleast half cases..just said them hello upon entering the room after kncoking and taking permission to enter
-dint get time to counsel, that is proper closure..when ever i would tell the dd and investigations the time would end

what i did..
-tried to show sympathy to most of the cases
-shoke hands upon entering and before leaving even if i was not complete saying i wud return once i am done with the emergency
-gave smile whenver the patient felt comfortable
-did decent patient notes.
-answered challenging questions to a few of them when i got a chance for proper closure (may be only for 2-3)
-counselled for smoking
-told dd in all cases and got time for doing examination in almost all
-was down to earth and thanked them for the info they have provided

can please any1 evaluate where i stand??
do i have any chances of passing this exam as it stand now??
i am really freaked out


Dont worry Bismillah everyone makes mistakes, Nobody can be 100 % accurate for CS & do every case perfect. The first one that u forgot to mention everything will be confidential for sexual HX is really not a big deal. See its an exam & the SP's knows we are not professional physicians yet & have a lot of time pressure as well. Hope they will let go of our small silly mistakes & we'll all pass.
I also did small mistakes , few cases were very good but few had silly mistakes like I dropped down the ophthalmoscope in my first encounter followed by an oops grin (first one is always kind of scary after the first u become confident ) smiling face cause my SP was kind of angry patient & I was getting nervous cause she kept asking me what is wrong with me doc ?? what should I do??? shocked & this other patient kept telling me I want to go home. I dont want to stay here!! I hate hospital shocked but that was my 4th or 5th case so I didnt freak out knowing that he is only acting.

If u have practiced enough cases ,took all the important Hx ,counselled ur patients,wrote a good PN & closed cases,behaved professionaly ,answered patients q's I think u'll be on the safe side. The truth is exam is over now chill relax & handover your worries to God. If you have worked hard for the exam I'm sure God will help you. Start your preparation for next exam whatever it is CK or step3 & dont think abt ur mistakes or what happend in the exam like I said nobody is perfect. Keep your fingers crossed & pray InshaAllah we'll all pass one day.nod

On Jun 06, 2013 - 2:21 PM, Bismillah responded:
thanks for ur reply friend..i really hope i get thru this cs..i am currently preparing for step 2 ck..

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