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 Match2014 with these Credentials  

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I am an old IMG, graduate of 2007.

Step1 235
Step2 225
CS Passed
Step3 202
All exams in first attempt
Visa - Needed
USCE - 3month Externship (Community Hospital,Not residency program affiliated)
Clinical research- 6 months (University Hospital)
Publications- Expected 1 ( before I will apply)
Post-Graduation- 2 year clinical experience in home country

I applied this year in IM only, match2013 and got half a dozen IVs, 3 were with contacts but couldn't match.
I am getting so disappointed as I know My credentials and application is not outstanding but I really want to pursue my dream.
I need to know what to do from now for next match,suggestions,positive critic or help is appreciated.


Sorry that I am lazy for typing.
I am an old IMG, graduate of 2006.

Step1 224
Step2 253
CS Passed
Step3 Pending
All exams in first attempt
Visa - Needed
USCE : 2 months elective rotation in Neurology department in University hospital during PGY-2 in my home residency program.
Publications : one
Currently in last year of my home neurology residency program.
1 US. LORs from the program director where I rotated.
2 LORs from my program.

I applied for Neurology program very late October. No IV.
But I got mathed from the program there

Thank you


U have good credentials. I dont know why you didnt match. The only think you can control is your interview. Half a dozen interviews is a reasonable interview list. Maybe work on your interviewing skills...practice practice practice. Sometimes it is just a matter of luck.....but I am the guy who only focuses on something I can improve on...thats why am suggesting focus on interviewing skills( though u might be already good in that)


You didn't match because of step 1 (224) - it's too low for such a scientific speciality as neurology... Sorrysad consider IM....


As a PC, I am going to agree with Truemamamia - check your interview skills, especially as an IMG. You need shine on the interview day.

With the thousands of applications received, sometimes it is luck. And never use the same picture two years in a row. I may not remember your name, but I remember a face.

Good luck!


For IMGs the confidence to interview well and projecting yourself as personable/friendly goes a long way.

See a few good humorous English movies before interview to get in the mood and appear happy!


Hello dear IMGs here. Does anybody here have any information about these paid hands-on clinical externships? How helpful are they for residency application? Is it worth to pay for and can we trust them?
Please, any input is very welcome!
Thank you!


PDs know that those "paid externships" for the most part are not true USCE. If you do a Google search or check other forums, you will see many letters of discontent with the service, or lack of service provided. There are many people in the groups who have gotten positions prior with good USA Physician LOR as a result. Ask them, hopefully they would be willing to share info.


Almost all medical school graduates are qualified to become physicians and earn a licence to practice medicine. Overall, decision-making committees receive hundreds of applications from applicants who have similar grades in medical school and on the USMLE. A great residency application personal statement can make the difference between being accepted or not. Why? Because decision-making medical boards want to know if you share the same values, dedication and commitment that they do.

Consult your residency application personal statement with Experts:

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