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 how to start studying for step 2??????????  

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hi everyone! i'm just starting to study for step 2 ck and am confused as to which books to read n how to go about em? is kaplan and cmdt enough? or do i need blue prints?n is it beneficial to do both kaplan q bank and usmle world?which is better crush the boards or secrets for step 2?kindly advise coz there are so many opinions floating on this forum that i'm in a fix.any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks.


hi sweetsmiles..remember me are you..i just took the step 1..but cant afford to waste time waiting for the results..have a lot of responsibilities..and just praying that i get a good score..anyways am having the same exact doubts as you..right now the only material i have is kaplan and dont know where and what to start if you here anything could you please let me know.. :?


hi cookie, great to hear from'd ur exam go?am in the same boat as you.i just have the kaplan material with me and am so confused with so many different suggestions.a lot of people i met told me to stick to kaplan and look into cmdt for certain things coz cmdt is very useful for doing the USMLE WORLD questions.these are the ppl who got 97,98 and 99.and all that with just the resources i mentioned.but here almost everyone suggests blue prints, so i'm in a fix.i think i'll start with kaplan and look into cmdt. and later if i feel the need i might look into blue prints.i think for step 2 the key is to do a lot of would be better to start doing questions earlier.hope i was of help.will look forward to hearing from u.


hi cookie, i think crush the boards is good too, though i havent taken a look at it.everyone suggested that its better to start with medicine coz its the bulk of the exam and do surgery and obs/gyn later since they are smaller subjects.


i've been prepping for step 2 for almost 6 mos. now & now I see this site'srecommending a lotof things. i am reading NMS, kaplan q book, did 3 mos. of qbank, so far read boards & wards 3x & planning to read it x about 10x, read first aid2x , reading USMLE secrets & NMS at the same time. Hoping to finish it in 2 days then I will start USMLE WORLD, free questions from LorettaMD, & more questions. BUT I still feel like I have to read more because of mistakes from NMS questions.i'll be taking the test next mo. already.
ANY REC > ANYONE? I think I am very anxious bec. I did not pass the test last time so I am trying to ace the test this time. It helps also to be a part of this site.


hi sweetsmiles..yeah thats what ive kinda decided to do..start of with kaplan..and then probably go down to the book store tomorrow and take a look at the blue prints..hey do u think the kaplan qbook is enough or do i need to register with the on line stuff the way when did u take your step 1.cant tell how mine went..wasnt an easy exam lets see...


hi there,
i'll check out blue prints too though i'm planning to stick to kaplan n CMDT n crush the boards or maybe first aid.maybe once we start studying we'll have a better idea of which books we would like to follow.any further suggestions are welcome.


hi cookie,
i havent gone through the kaplan q book or q bank so i cant tell u if there's much difference.although a lot of people told me to take kaplan q bank as well as usmle as confused as u i think for now i'll just start with kaplan n cmdt and then see how it goes.hopefully will have found the perfect study strategy in a few weeks.lemme know if u think something else is useful as well.


yeah thats what ive decided to do too..start of with kaplan and then see..anyway sweet smiles :lol: how have you arranged your study schedule and when ru planning on taking up the exam..lets study together..fix up a scedule and follow together...let me know if interested..


hi cookie,right now i havent decided on a specific time but would need about 5 or 6 months before i take the exam.actually i am starting with internal med.just following kaplan right now.its a nice idea to study together but i'm a bit haphazard at times n cant stick to a schedule.the same thing happened while i was preparing for step 1.i'm really sorry. but it wud be great if we cud keep each other updated on what we're doing and any new things that come to our notice.if u think u'd like to do so, u can pm me any time.


hi there..yeah sure will do..hey any idea how this oasis trick works to get to know your result..


hi!i guess everyone suggests trying the oasis trick about 20 days after the exam,try registering for step 1 and it wont let u register,implying u've passed n then u can register for csa.i think thats how this works,tho havent tried it yet.still waiting.


hi areyou..have u heard anything about your results not able to concentate cos im getting tensed about my results..anyways just wanted to say hi..


hi cookie!! nice to hear from u.we can pm each other n stay in wud b great!what do u think?n as for the results am in the same boat as u.waiting n checking the oasis everyday n getting tensed by the minute.i think by the end of this week the results should be announced on oasis.lets keep our fingers crossed n pray hard!!!!!did u start studying for step 2 yet?i tried but cant seem to concentrate on anything right now.keep in touch n lets hope for the very best . [-o<


hi..yeah sure we can pm each other as soon as u tell me what that means....anyways yeah praying is what we all have to do..and u will be in my prayers tryin gotread but not able to too..hope it comes soon so we can go on quicly..take care...


hi!!pm means personal mail.under the message is a tab which says pm.if u click on it n write a message it'll be delivered on my email.n yes!!!we'll pray for each other n hope that it all works out for the best.keep studying since time is valuable,that's what i keep telling myself.


Hey cookies and sweetsmiles...What day did you guys take the exam? I'm also expecting my scores to be reported this Wed. Sept 22. I see that you guys are also checking oasis.
The scores are reported only on Wed. and I think that oasis gets the info updated by thurs morning like 3 am. Right now, there is definitely no use to checking untill Wed. I'm nervous but I'm trying to find out EXACTLY what time on Wed or Thurs I can expect to see changes on oasis.
Good LUCK . Also you can definitely expect your score report if you took the exam ON OR BEFORE Sept. 1, if you took it Sept. 2 or later you will have to wait untill Next week on sept. 29


hi n_sh i took my exam on aug 27 and am waiting for the scores to be reported.n yes i too heard that the results r usually updated on wed so will check then.i guess they update the site after midnight tho' i dont know the exact time.lets just pray hard n hope we all do well.


Oh So we should be checking Thurs. like 2-4 am. Maybe


hi everone, i got my step 1 score.its 230/ was reported on 22nd sep.and i got it in the mail on 27th sep.took 5 days.

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