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ı used to think the reason for increasing viscosity of secretions in CF that it was about Chloride imbalance. But ı read in my IM book the exact reason is not that. :o guess what :idea:


i've been amazed by how many different theories there are for one of the earliest cloned disease genes. i thought the current one is that cftr normally inhibits basolat na pump, so in cf mucus is "dried" by h2o following na out of the lumen. what did you read?


every thing about this mechanism is a theory and they dont test such things on exam


goljan actually talks about this in his lecture, but i can't remember it. i need to go back next wk and listen to what he said. i think he talks about it in sweat glands and in the resp. tract.


Inadequate hydration of trcaheobranchial epithelium imparies mucociliary clearence.High concentrations of DNA in airway secretions ( due to chronic airway inflammation and autolysis of neutrophils ) increase sputum viscosity. CMDT 2004 page: 239.


and that's why we use recombinant human Deoxyribonuclease in treatment. ( rhDNase).. :idea:

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